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Your POCBOOKS Coffee Cups!

Your POCBOOKS Coffee Cups or maybe I should just say warm and cold beverage cups!

The Product of Culture Website

Since 2010, the Product of Culture aka POCbooks website has provided the following services:
Books: Audio and paperback
Articles: Featured Musicians Events, Life, Love, and Health.

Tutorials & Researched Topics:
From the technical to the importance of finding out just how important positive spirituality is to one’s life, you have experienced videos, and correspondence to provide insight into such matters.

Relationships: People from different cultures/backgrounds and interests have been featured on the website. From talented chefs to bright-minded students, and the deeply moving musicians who contribute to the enjoyment of life. You as the reader and listener have contributed value to this website. It is great hearing from you. Thank you

It is now my pleasure to make available this new product:

The POCBOOKS  warm and cold beverage Cups! (I had to see how that sounded)

Your POCBOOKS Coffee Cups

Yes, it can be your prized coffee and tea cup. Whether you want a warm or cold beverage, this invention with meaning can brighten your day!

The art design is unique, beauteous, and personal. It can be your choice for the perfect coffee mug. The rim & handle are vividly glazed in a rich blue color. Match or complement the color of your existing dinnerware set, or gift your friend a mug in his or her favorite color.

15-ounce:4.5” high x 3.4” diameter
Microwave and dishwasher safe
Strong, ceramic construction
Meets or exceeds FDA requirements for food and beverage safety

POCBOOKS Activities Listed on the Cups

This cup includes in its artwork the features you love to read about as part of the design. Yes, the Perceptive Readers podcast is also listed. You also see:

Audio Books
Musician Features

You have a beautiful scenic view you to enjoy with each morning cup of coffee!

Here is where you get this beautiful warm or cold beverage Cup.

  1. Product of Culture Coffee Cups
  2. Product of Culture Coffee Cups (Two Tone) Maroon
  3. The Store you can bookmark

There are often sales and discount coupons right on the store front.

POCBOOKS Coffee Cups

Enjoy your day!