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Your Giants A Facing West Music Commentary

Your Giants – Facing West Music 

Caitlin and Sidney Powell are Serious, Funny, Melancholy, Jovial; Beautiful — The Dynamic Facing West Music

Within their second decade of early year expressions put forth in the lyrics for the song “Giants,” and the beat, intimates a powerful dance; if you will, one faces in life. Some statements certainly show the mind of many during the teenage years. Great Day! I feel like I’m at a high school pep rally.

The Giants’ Challenge

When you get some years out of high school, your Giants often become more than attaining a goal post or medal.

When I meditate on the knowledge in the world today, you as well, a person comes to the conclusion there is an enormous task at hand.

“What tasks are you referencing?” You inquire.

Oh, Fee fi fo fum, any GIANT situation in life that is holding you back; sometimes with fear.

This is not limited to just making a living, no; it involves the essence of who you are as a person.

From detrimental addiction, to the fear of speaking up for yourself, or for the dear person in your life who needs your support.

GIANTS, these hard to handle tasks, represents any legitimate ( principle or ethics play a role in what we often comprehend as legitimate) situation holding you back from doing what you know needs to be done to resolve matters. That is, as far as it depends upon you. GIANTS is a song that says

“I’m through allowing this (not helpful) situation in my life control or stop me from helping myself.”

Always remember, and this is very important!

Helping yourself does not mean encroaching upon the rights or livelihood of others to do it.

There are positive (ethical) ways to accomplish this. Granted, it often takes longer, but at least your conscience will be smiling when you look in the mirror and before the Grand Creator.

The one who gave David his strength to conquer his Giants at a young age and all throughout his life.

Will you or I conquer our Giants?

Merch Shoutout – Facing West Music

When You Want to Win — The Dynamic Facing West Music

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