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Writing with Tea and Mobile phone

Yes, writing with tea on the move. G’day Perceptive email subscribers!

Writing with Tea and Mobile phone

In times past and even now, I find it takes practice practice to write and edit on mobile devices. Give me a giant screen monitor any day. (Chuckle) Especially when it comes to proofreading.

With that being said, this is one beneficial reason for me writing these Email Subscribers ( see category) brief posts. The practice makes perfect even though we are ever improving

No sweat, you may comeback to this post a few hours later and find an edit or two I made over a cup of tea.

You see, these brief journals I send to you Email Subscribers are on the fly/move from me. There is no desktop monitor or editing software used before publishing.

As you are aware, my major articles like the James Commentary Reading of Mark Twain’s Prince and The Pauper and interviews, etc. are all going to be placed on a desktop monitor for editing, some way some how. And if you have a large screen TV, I will put it on that don’t get me started!

I’m pleased you are finding some value in these Product of Culture Email Subscribers category brief posts.

From my mind to your mind

Kind regards, James

Writing with tea on the move Sharing is Caring

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