Writing a Blog Post Freely without a Topic

Writing a blog post freely without a theme or topic is necessary at times; at least for me.

A Big Hello to You!

As a serious blogger, you find yourself absorbing a large amount of data whose primary application would be practical or technical in nature for your readers. Think about it; explaining how to use some new phone app is technical. Therefore, even though your core group of readers want to see your personality and style in the blog post, you still have to stay objective with the topic. And for the most part, there is a structured way of relating the subject for the benefit of your readers.

Example Question: How do I upload a video to YouTube?

Some will often write out the answer in numerical order like so:

  1. First, you;
  2. Second, press this;
  3. Etc;


  • A.
  • B.
  • C.


As you can see from the example, the answer is organized in a way the reader will get the answer and steps to resolve their problem. No need to interject personality wit in those steps like you may in writing a blog post freely. So you just related the facts in a clear manner. (Now we can take this time out for light-hearted entertainment)

Facing West are Teen siblings Caitlin and Sidney



Don’t get me wrong, you know I enjoy technology and relating interesting points that you will go away from the website saying, “Hmm, I didn’t know that.”

(Just make sure you come back)

Speaking of coming back to the website, more than the regular group of readers here have saved this website in their favorites. A big thank you!

Writing a Blog Post freely

Now back to the reason for writing this blog post without a theme freely. The emphasis is placed on the word freely. This means your thoughts placed on paper/computer can go anywhere you want to go within the blog post. No topic. No theme. You can digress all you want. Okay, try to keep it within reason.

Sounds like a diary, huh?

(Professor’s voice) –Wait a minute, ladies write blog diaries while gentlemen write journals.  How’s that for originality? Oh, no?  Can I get a LOL then?

Do you see what this writing freely a blog post without a theme or subject is producing in a way of humor? Please wake up your friends who fell asleep.

Still, this provides me another opportunity to let you know the ideas have not run out. As a few have inquired in times past, “Do you ever get writer’s block?”

And my answer thankfully is still “No.” The brain may not start at times without breakfast(cup of java) the way it used to, but it still fires the cognitive and imaginative thoughts when it has to, and this I am thankful for to the Grand Creator. Just something you dear readers too can relate in your list of blessings each day.

Granted, in times past, I would sometimes place a post out there not thinking too much on the proofing side of things. Now I find myself at times over-analyzing so much of my writings that I don’t pass it on to you for reading or laughing pleasure at all.

However, the core readers here are forgiving, and they have been a great help in sharing their experience/expertise in areas to help me to step up my ‘game’ so to speak.

Let me share with you now as a caveat *cough* excuse *cough* about my laptop equipment. The keyboard is not broken in, and I use the words broken in lightly.

What this means is sometimes I do not press hard enough on the keys to produce a character. The old laptop was calibrated, in a manner of speaking, to the right amount of pressure I placed on the keys.

Excuse number 2 (smile): While I am at it, most of my event postings on the home page are written from my phone and scheduled for later posting. – Need I say more about the mistakes that happen during phone typing? Oh, how you know!

Excuse number 3: Hey, it feels so good to share these moments of excuses that I tried to find a number 3 excuse; but couldn’t think of one.

Time for a list of subjects that have been and are still being written on and marketed weekly.

  1. Culture
  2. Books (Kindle & audio)
  3. Documentaries
  4. Merchandise

Writing a Blog Post freely-conclusion

You see, when I contemplate about the four listed points above, the brain consumes much more energy, you know. Writers are doing themselves a big service in having nuts, berries, and additional fruit brain food around. Why? Because even with an abundance of thoughts to put down on paper, when your brain burns energy the way other body muscles do physical work, you will feel both activities have a comparable need to restoring the proper nutrition for it to accomplish the task optimally.

Hey, it feels good to get these thoughts out. Time to focus once more on the projects at hand. I appreciate the nice things you do for me. I also enjoy doing nice things for you. You can always run ideas past me.

Thanks for visiting this website. Have a beautiful day.

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