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Writer Thinking Out Loud

Hello, this is a writer thinking out loud because you most likely heard it already. (chuckle)

Writer Thinking Out Loud

Dear Perceptive Readers, this has been one August! You already may know I am talking about the caring is sharing month!
You saw the pocbooks.com website share the talent and experts over the years you have grown accustomed to; yet, this year you also experienced seeing new professionals. Jessica Alba’s Honest Company being one of them.
I can go through a list for some entrepreneurs if you like, but only by request.
With the above stated, there was a sidebar thought that many of you found quite thought-provoking, so I am sharing it here for your ease of adding it to the browser favorites. Thanks for being here, James (Author, Writer, and Owner of pocbooks.com)

Sidebar Featured in August 2019

Greetings Perceptive Readers, remember when you are being bullied, sometimes you get pushed into circumstances/areas by them you certainly wouldn’t have chosen otherwise.
Such persons do all sorts of mean things to knock you off balance so they can continue to point out the wrong way of this or that as you are recovering from the long game plot they orchestrated or threw you in.

Reference Joseph in the Good Book
Reference Jephthah as well.

The sincere men above adjusted to the different culture accordingly, maybe not in ways they would have chosen, but the one who sees and understands all, knew the circumstances.
The wise often see through it. And certainly the Grand Creator.
Keep doing the best you can. Also, see the next quote by The Honest Company Co-Founder, Jessica Alba

An Honest Company Vision

What she says reminds a once small boy of something a wise man in his family told him
and later a mature beautiful woman told(taught) him about all the bullies who had such obvious huge EGOS over him, and yet she would pick him EVERY time over them; (chuckle) and it wasn’t because she pitied him.
Live your life sincere ones and keep doing the best you can. Best wishes JL

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