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There Is A Reason James Version

There is a Reason Recital By Raven Poetry.
It is my pleasure to introduce Raven Poetry! She has her own catalogue of writings that have never been published online; or anywhere else for that matter. She also does a pretty impressive job with drawing. So this a first find of exclusive talent featured here…
Happy Graduation Class of 2022 James Version

(James Version) Here are two ways of contributing to my Product of Culture Creative Expressions


I’ve been in Professional & Elevated Creative Writing for more than twenty years.

Make Aware And Be Awake James Version

POCBOOKS Update Moment Make Aware and Clear your contracts. A thought for the professional and entrepreneur
A Willing Gift James Version

A Willing Gift
Why do people appreciate a gift given willingly? Here is how some have experienced it
Apples Oranges on Rumble Video

Apples Oranges Series Start

When It is not the right comparison, serious or otherwise, then it is Apples and Oranges
This Series Discusses how and why we view these life topics with such differences. Thank you Shout outs to Lost Stories – Paradise (Copyright Free Music)
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Raven Poetry Tree Poem 3 James Version

Raven Poetry Tree Opening Thoughts and Poem 3This is Poem 3 belonging to Raven Poetry Tree. Raven has an exclusive contract with; Creative Expression Creation. Big thank you to the following: ROYALTY FREE MUSIC by BENSOUND A thank you to all you listeners as well! #ravenpoetrytree
Ezekiel Chapter 1 Special Reading and Thought James Version

(James Version) Ezekiel Chapter 1 verses 1 to 3 Special Reading and Thought.
If you have questions
Reference the Basic English Translation & The New World Translation for the Special/Extended Thought
What Is The Objective James Version

(James Version)What is the Objective
When Someone Says “Lets Be Objective?” What are they talking about and why? You can also contact me here