Words Jasmine Thompson Collaborates with Friends

The “Words” Music video! Jasmine Thompson Collaborates with Friends

I’m not going to report on how many times I’ve listened to the EP ‘Wonderland’ by Jasmine Thompson since I purchased it the first day it came out.

For the most part, you are most likely aware of my varied tastes in music that bring us animated life situations. The lyrics are written in such a way to present happiness and sadness through thought-provoking musical tunes. The keys, percussions, strings, and the horn instruments are marvels of invention. What is your favorite instrument? Do you have a favorite singer? Jasmine is a popular read on this website; hence, her interviews, events and music videos are featured here at least once a month.

Jasmine Thompson Official Fansite

I would like to take this moment to give A great big shout out to her official fan club and managers. Here is the link to her Facebook Official Fansite


The items they share from her meet and greets with supporters give us the chance to see the warm effect her singing has on the audience. Additionally, they continue to find imaginative ways to highlight her piano playing and singing skills. Like for instance the Instagram stories posted on the YouTube channel; just in case we missed the 24 hours watch time period. (Yes, it does happen) They also created a Fan made β€œWords” music video!

Speaking of imagination, ‘Words,’ the music video is filled with colorful scenes of a slumber party. They play music, games, and dance in this video. The lyrics are put to a beat that motivates some who purchased the Wonderland EP to play it every day. Listen to Words every day? Professor’s voice: I have to play Jasmine’s EP on a regular basis every week for commentary purposes, you know. Chuckle chuckle πŸ™‚

Here is a statement I have given contemplation to about Jasmine and her music: ‘I believe Jasmine Thompson will potentially win awards for her music one day.’

The reality though is that she is delighted to make others happy with her music.

The Product of Culture website is pleased to share with you the official music video: “Words.” As an added bonus, the ‘fans’ version is also posted!

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