Words and Worth They can cause you to feel as a Billion Stars

Most _______ One and Little voices with big/sincere hearts;
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These are my considerations to keep in mind for interactions with others; but they most excellently comes from God’s Mind. You know, as I like to say, you can read it for yourself. Hence, here are a few statements that truly help in all situations that will at least keep our interactions with dignity and understanding.

Through comedy, music, and theater in PoeArtistry are along the lines of a different body of work in revealing the mind and revelation; it helps in knowing your audience for the event. Therefore, it is a time for recreation and a time for seriousness.

By considering these thoughts, it helps us to understand which time is which in our interactions with others. When we step on each other’s toes (boundaries or emotional core) at times, then the applied statements highlighted below keeps the pain from festering to the point where many required (unknown) days of prayer to the Grand One himself is the miracle and way a person can be healed.

  1. A) Matthew Chapter 22: 34 to 40
  2. B) Matthew Chapter 11 verse 25
  3. C) Matthew Chapter 5:23 & Colossians Chapter 2: 13 to 14
  4. D) Ecclesiastes Chapter 8: 11 to 15 & Colossians Chapter 12 to 14

Special poem with inspiration from the good book ( Colossians 4:1) and the Sage’s Land

For help in spirituality understanding or healing there are shepherds and other little (okay sometimes big voices as well) with big hearts located here as well Isaiah chapter 2: 2-5

Thank you for sharing and caring on this Thursday.

“Flow Against The Current”

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