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WordPress Blog? – Feedweb Ratings for your Blog that Counts!

People from all over have joined together at the WordPress.org plug-in review page to say thank you to the feedweb team for creating the little ratings widget that does big things!


Namely, to help WordPress site owners, authors, and bloggers to identify what their reading audience likes are. Being that this website talks about subjects that affects culture, the articles here reach a diverse audience. It is interesting with a touch of excitement to see the responses and growth the Feedweb plugin will produce for your WordPress website!

The Feedweb Team

The Feedweb Team as a unit has implemented a culture of good business practices and a fine product. When you need help, their support team is right there willing and able to aid you with the solution.

Simple instructions to install the widget are provided here at the download page.



Will you do Yourself a Favor?

If you have a WordPress site, you are most likely always on the lookout for that one plugin that will cause your audience to grow. Feedweb is on the right track in this area.

The Pocbooks (Product of Culture) website has been around for 4 years with regular readers. Oh, sometimes when the wind would blow just right, they would have the energy to comment on the blog article. (Little Humor) But what I have noticed with the Feedweb widget is that people may not feel like commenting or just don’t have the time, but they appear to enjoy pushing the rating button. (More humor)You will receive valuable and constructive criticism most of the time. Granted, don’t be surprised if you receive a high selection of “good” and “excellent” judgments, but then someone comes along and rates your awesome content  article on the level of cough medicine. Mmm Hmm, they won’t like the taste of your article. Hey, it is, what it is. “Roll with the punches” as some of our fathers would say.

Perceptive Readers Culture:  Scrivener One Writing Tool of Choice

Do yourself a favor… Get the Feedweb rating plugin and find out how your readers really feel about your, I’m being positive here, great content. Either way, in some cases, you will find your champions and critics will be sharing your blog content with others.

“Expose your blog to a brand new audience. Ask questions, get answers.” Do yourself a favor and allow the Feedweb “super” reach to work for you!

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