Why When and How to Say Thank you

This article was originally posted April 30 2013

At times today, people make jokes when someone expresses gratitude more than once for a kind deed. ‘It is not necessary’ they lighthearted responded.’ How do you feel about this? Is it necessary or not to say thank you one or more times for a kind act?

Here are three reasons why people express thank you

It shows you pay attention to what others do for you.

It shows you have a spirit that is willing to share something good with others; not just to the person looking at you in the mirror.

Saying thank you gives the individual a gift. Yes, a gift of appreciation.

Appreciation involves a person being in full awareness or understanding of something. How does it make you feel when you receive the gift of appreciation?

With the above knowledge, do you see why “Thank you” is needed in the world?

Granted, like with a lot of phrases, a person can go ‘overboard.’ When a person says it so much to an individual that the word “thank you” loses its value. Therefore, how can we not go to the edge and over when expressing this kind word of appreciation?

What about this scenario?

You meet a potential employer on a job interview. While shaking the manager’s hand express “Thank you for giving me this opportunity to meet with you.” When the employer reads through your skill set, and it is clear he or she is commending you on your abilities, allow for the interviewer to finish their statements; then respond with a thank you. Be sure to observe age differences. For example, teenagers (16 to 20) expressing ‘thank you Sir” to an older manager who is a male will show the interviewer you know how to address/approach customers in retail sales.

Point of note: What if the manager happens to be a woman you ask? Well, in this day and age, it may be best to say “thank you” Mrs. or Miss [Last Name]. When in doubt just say “thank you” without additional titles or pleasantries.

The expression “thank you Madam” has two meanings. One is a respectful/polite way in addressing a woman. The other definition gives a connotation western genre readers know pertains to a house manager of Ill-repute. Your goal is to show appreciation; not mistakenly give offense.

Back to the scenario

When the interview is over it is appropriate to say “thank you” once more whether they have offered the job to you or not. Why is this important?

Take note of these reasons

1) You may be a runner up for the position. If the primary person does not take the job offer, you will be first on their list to call.

2) Interviews may go so great that a shrewd employer will contact you with a different job offer. You may find it is even better than the one you interviewed for!

3) Do not burn bridges that you don’t have to burn.

4) Last but not least. Keep the bigger picture in mind. People are always developing themselves as cultural and dignified individuals. It is a worthy goal. Each job interview helps you to refine your skills on conversation with live people in your presence. Things you learn from one interview carries over to the next.

Saying “THANK YOU” and its counterpart “WELCOME” are pleasant words. Never may the meaning of such words be lost. It shows an appreciative spirit; a spirit of giving and receiving that is beneficial for all.