Perceptive Readers, do you remember this from the July 8, 2015 James Lynch writings archives?

Why did Dr. G. Small write The Memory Prescription?

The Memory Prescription is a book designed to help improve the brain’s memory. Written by Dr. Gary Small, his tested techniques are put on paper in order to improve your memory within two weeks. Fourteen days is a small price to pay to improve and maintain a sharp memory throughout our lifespan.
Dr. Gary Small has years of experience. His colleagues also vouch for his expertise and the benefits of his program. The program helps you to feel mentally and physically younger. The preface in the book will catch your interest by what he says in the first few lines.

He, like you too, acknowledges that many health and conditioning programs focus more on how the physical body looks. Men and women also desire for their physical enhancements to make them strong. What about the brain’s fitness? Therefore, Dr. Small’s motivation is to help interested readers to improve both, mind and body; but clearly the program will exercise your brain more. The Memory Prescription is an “aggressive” program intent on giving “immediate results and long term benefits.”
Sounds like an interesting program! Here is another thought explained in the book that some may view more as a working hypothesis. Certainly, the judgment in this area will belong to the individual engaged in this step-by-step program. Still, Dr. Gary Small claims the program raises your defenses, almost like a bulwark, against illnesses associated with aging.
How many people today are looking for prescriptions to stave off arthritis, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and diabetes?
The Memory Prescription, an interesting read, written with helpful\healthful intentions.

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