Where We Left Things Unsaid

Where We Left Things Unsaid – Movie with Intelligent Writing and Introspection.

This article was originally posted on October 11, 2018

“Where We Left Things Unsaid” had me at the end of this short movie script asking, “Who wrote this?” This shy of 5 minutes movie displays 5-star story telling of intelligent writing.

Where We Left Things Unsaid

Never Forget This…

The subject of introspection has with importance been talked about on this website.

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“Where We Left Things Unsaid” is a major example of why introspection needs to be an ongoing process of maintenance in the mind and heart.

Some have heard from me over the years say while shaking my head, “We pain one another.”
In my experience, introspection helps you to find out why?

Of course, mistakes are just going to happen from time to time in our interactions with one another. And if not mistakes, then the old waking up on the wrong side of the bed in the morning. You know, when you really needed an extra hour of sleep and everyone around you for the rest of the day knew it without you even telling them.

Those are the type of things persons (People you love and love you) blow off, ignore, and yes just plain forget about it.

However, let’s think a little deeper about the pain that causes people to lose ones they love, and it is due to intro-sabotage; or self-sabotage. Yes, I may have just coined a new term and here are reasons for it.

Intro has a few ways of defined usage. We are applying these defined meaning examples:

Inside, within, and inwardly.

We have talked about introspection. We have examined introversion. Hence, the readers are very much aware such subjects direct us where?

The Mind. The Heart.
Therefore, we now address a problem that at times, maybe too often, affects the humans.

This type of sabotage mostly affects relationships. Family, friends, spouses, and even working relationships.

Here is the thing with intro-sabotage (self-sabotage). It often comes from a pain inside that is not addressed. This pain can be identified and healing ointment placed on it if you will. But it takes what to get to the root of the matter?

Yes, you guessed it?

Do you feel there are way too many relationships falling apart today that really shouldn’t have fallen apart?
Maybe I should use the word drifted apart? This gives the connotation that neither party did anything on purpose to lose the valued friendship.

But Never Forget This, there may not have been enough maintenance-introspection going on to counteract the intro-sabotage to do these three things:

Identify what is going on inside your mind and heart.
Contemplate what happy or sad things are affecting the ones you love.
Put into action (regularly, does the sun not shine daily?) what is needed. Give. Reaffirm. Yes, be CLEAR for them

People who are endeared to us are this way for a reason. They look out for your welfare, and you CERTAINLY AGREE they treat you well. They are reasonable (most days) too you will most likely agree! Then the three steps above will most likely be something to make you smile.

Of course, there is a time for everything. Time to have fun and a time to be serious. If you are in doubt and feel you are about to lose someone very valuable in your life and most likely theirs, what is it a time for?
Who makes up Bam & Beyond?


Where We Left Things Unsaid OST

In closing, an intelligent writing short movie like Where we left things Unsaid, shows the production team of Bam & Beyond is highly skilled in writing and also talented in acting. Their shorts entertain and causes you to think on different levels.