What is Patreon? That is Patreon.com

Hearing what is Patreon? will prompt some to say it is a company that works just right for imaginative artists! Patreon has organized a business model in such a way that a creative artist can find and build a small or big community audience. The audience in return can not only express their heartfelt appreciation through word but also deed.

Before we elaborate further on why fans and artists appreciate this  model, let’s read the purpose of Patreon.com

What is Patreon?


Patreon’s  model facilitates “Recurring funding for artists and creators.” View this short video that also answers the what is Patreon? question by showing how there is value given to everyone involved. From the content creators to the supporters, all parties can benefit from this mutual give and receive model.


You have seen this statement here at the website before: “A good workman is worthy of his/her wages no matter whether they are famously established or not.”

Patreon has made a way for content creators to engage in the occupation they very much enjoy while being able to make an income that can cover the cost of living and production of their content.

The supporters can receive high-quality content at regular intervals per month. But wait; this is not all! From the timid to the gregarious, you will most likely observe that the creator of the content views you as a valued supporter. You may also find this provides other opportunities and to pick up things about the “business” of content creation. One content creator gave a guitar lesson so people could sing and play their favorite song of hers. (Excuse me? Leave out the singing? Okay.) Either way, what is the result? “So-and-So is all right! I think I can depend on her/him to uphold the features and spirit of what Patreon is all about.

Are you now informed enough to answer the question what is Patreon? Yes, the Patreon [business] model works just right for people who appreciate awesome content, commercial best practices, and the giving without duress.


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