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What is a Smart Cat That Plays Dumb?

What is a Smart Cat Plays Dumb?

The Cat One of The Smartest Animals Who Likes To Play Dumb. – Perceptive Readers Writings and Thoughts

I was driving on the road with little traffic.

Allow me to preface this event with a small amount of background. Domesticated cats, not just dogs, are men and women best friends. Though personally, my years of experience with both species have left me partial to dogs. Who doesn’t like Lassie? However, I still give the cats their due. A lone hungry cat has in times past received a large bowl of milk and a pat on the head from me.

Now back to driving down the road. If you look to the left you will see plenty of homes, while on the right you have a wooded area. Most likely a hunting ground for the cat.

As I was driving along, more than 100 feet away, a medium size brown and white cat came to the edge of the road. Ahh, how memories about this cute, yet finicky, species surfaced.

Remembering how a kitten would play with a piece of string.
Remembering how a cat would run to its feeding bowl during dinner time.
Remembering how a feline would rub up against my leg when it wanted attention.
And yes, using my head or stomach as a pillow to keep warm.

What is a Smart Cat That Plays Dumb

In a brief moment of time, a smile came across my face as I slowed down the car to allow the brown cat with a white underside to cross the road. The cat proceeded to walk from the right to the left side of the road. This was not a regular walk. The pace was slow enough to make me wonder if the cat had hurt its leg. Hmm, the cat doesn’t look old either. So I came to a complete stop about 25 feet away at least. Naww, the cat was not limping, and it had youthful power.

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This cat was taking his or her sweet time. After all, this was the cat’s domain; I was just passing through.

In a complete stop mode I waited for the cat to exclusively, yet sluggishly, cross the street.

Wouldn’t you have done the same thing?

Well, this was not a problem for me yielding to the feline until it stopped in the middle of the road and looked back to the right.

What was the cat looking at? I don’t know. Maybe it forgot something. But excuse me; I know this cat moves faster than this when it is time for dinner or someone to rub its back.

Therefore, I used an option given to civilized humanity. My vehicle in harmony with me expressed:

Car horn, “BEEP!”
Me, “Get out the street!”

What is a Smart Cat That Plays Dumb

The cat quickly turned his head back around, took one look at me and momentarily growled!

Then the cat did a quick 2-step towards the left side of the road. The emphasis is on a quick “2-step” because it slowed right back down as if to say this is my domain, I’m not going to hurry up because of your request.

As I proceeded to move forward the car, I looked in the rear view mirror to see the cat safely on the left side of the street.

In my observation over the years, cats are intelligent creatures; especially when it comes to something they want. They show intervals of love to their owners. Still, it looks like at times, the owners of cats give 75% or more in the owner and pet relationship. Instead of the owners training the cat, it seems like the cat trains its owners. (Little humor)

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All the same, cats can be trained, just don’t wait too late. You may have seen TV shows or the circus where they perform spectacular feats on command by their owner’s voice. These feats show a smartness that some may not have seen before.

Still often in today’s world, cats ignore their owners when it suits them. Yet, they do it in a way as if they are plain ignorant or dumb.

What is a Smart Cat that Plays Dumb? A feline creature that untold humans can’t live with or without them.

Even when they stubbornly ignore us, we love them anyway.

What is a Smart Cat That Plays Dumb

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