What do you mean? The Justin Bieber Perception

Some years ago I wrote an article on Justin Bieber. (10 Things Teenagers Should Know About Justin Bieber, this  article was featured here on the POCbooks website and now archived) Be prepared readers, the article is going beyond this talented singer’s newly released song, “What do you mean?” Why is this the case? Justin Bieber recently gave an interview about his 4th album soon to be released November 13, 2015. I apologize to you interested readers that I do not remember where I read the Justin Bieber interview. (Yes, overly multi-tasking again.)

Therefore, all I can do is relate to you general thoughts retained from Justin Bieber’s interview as to why this album is unique or special to him. If Justin Bieber says something differently, then the additional ideas or adjustments will be made here.

Note the feelings and Justin Bieber life’s lessons intimated in the interview:

  • He has thought a lot about perception; namely, his understanding about people.
  • At one point, Justin was so focused on the people that hate him he neglected to appreciate the “awesome” ones who loved him.
  • He did not want to talk about his experiences, (story) he wanted to sing about them in this album.

Perception is something else. With that said, let us tune more into Justin’s difficulty with dealing with the people who hate him. Or maybe we could say Justin giving them permissions, in a manner of speaking, to have power over him as to his reactions to them. I recall Justin said something along the lines of you will always have the ones who hate you. Now after Justin had ‘done the math’, so to speak, then come to this realization and incentive to ask, who does care for me? Does this reasoning strike a chord with you?

Do you ever ask the same question along these lines? “Who really does care about me?” Talk about the range of emotions that can be felt just by asking such a question. From beautiful thoughts of sincere family and friends to the volcanic eruptions felt by thinking about the “haters!” What type of album would you produce coming from Justin’s perception? Hmm, could you even survive the emotional experience? Yes, as musicians say, “feel the feels.”

“What Do You Mean?” is clearly something Justin has experienced with someone; however, by extended contemplation certain circles in society will leave a person just as perplexed when it gets down to the wire. (Do not be surprised with the analysis 🙂 This is why you visit here, right? Feedback on Culture )

“What Do You Mean?” has a smooth beat. You are allowed to hear and understand the situation of the parties involved. Yes, perception is something else. You can have a relationship/friendship with others who even onlookers might feel they should be perfect together. Still, due to external and the all-important internal environment of the ‘mind’ it leaves the parties in the relationship/friendship with the perception where they regularly ask, “What Do You Mean?” Keep in mind, this “What do you mean?” is not referencing a “honey-to-do” list of chores. It is referencing… Well, I will just let you listen for yourself.

Do you wonder what the rest of Justin Bieber’s album will reveal?

  1. Here, for your ease of viewing, Justin Bieber’sWhat Do You Mean?”

2. Do you enjoy covers? A lot of people do, especially when it is by their favorite artists! Remember, Justin started as a YouTuber, it is applicable now to share.

What Do You MeanJustin BieberKina Grannis & KHS Cover

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