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What Apple Spoils the Whole Batch?

When a person can be alone in their thoughts, it allows them to see a lot clearer than having a loud concert around them. Some will sadly say that they do not like being alone in their thoughts because it causes them to think bad things about themselves.

Due to the imperfections of the heart, it at times pushes humans to be treacherous with themselves and others. What can help in this area? If you want to progress, this is an exercise you should do often.

First, keep in mind that the “alone in your thoughts” being talked about here is not total alienation from people. Sometimes an hour or less; even mere minutes.  No, in this scenario, it is when you set aside time to think about your surrounding environment without being influenced by it.

Let me share this again: You want to think about your environment without being influenced by it.

What will this help you to do?

● To see what affect the environment is having upon you

● To gauge whether it is positive or negative

● To make a decision to change something if it is negative

Teenagers, have you seen the effects of how “one apple spoils the whole batch”? Do you know what it means? In talking briefly with one teenager, she said it hurts her when people call her names. So I asked her, is it all the time? She said “no”. In less than 5 minutes, she was able to figure out that it is when she is around certain people. These 1 or 2 would somehow get the whole group started. There’s your example, “One apple spoils the whole batch”. YUCK!

You can figure out all sorts of things if you take the time to slow down and think. As I recently mentioned on Twitter, the days of people abusing and neglecting others are fast approaching their end. Don’t sell yourself short in your relationships with others. You can be a modest person, but still know when to stand up for yourself.

● People who are for you will make mistakes, but overall they will help and uplift you. You be sure to do the same for them.

● Recognize your life as valuable (Priceless)

So as you encounter situations in life that affect you, discerning thoughts will help you to gauge:

“Is this a GOOD or BAD Apple?”

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