Welcome Students in October

Welcome Students in October 2019
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Greetings students.  Can we be frank? If someone says Frank is at home and we should not talk about him, then I am going to send you out for coffee… for everybody.
Now, where were we? Ah, can we talk? About October that is.
The days are cooler, and sometimes we wake up in the states and they are down right cold! Turn on the heater you say? Some of us will.
But do you know something? It is quite a chuckle to see that no matter how cold it gets, if there is a sports game like football and a homecoming event, you see your fellow classmates breaking out the parkas to attend these activities. 
Here is where we get to the can we be frank part of the discussion. 
IN OCTOBER, some of you lose your ever lovin mind. Something we used to say back in the day.  If someone says, “Yea, last century man.” Then my response will be, “You are correct, but I think we need to send you out for doughnuts… for everybody.”
Don’t get me started — I already have. 
Hey, I’m pulling your leg. 
But on a serious note, this month is one month where all the positive and good things you can think about should still be foremost on your mind. How many of you know what I am talking about? 
With that said, the pocbooks website will be playing plenty of beautiful sounds and displaying wonderful art during the month of October.  This helps me during this month when even the most coolest of the cool people place makeup on their faces and wear outfits that cause you to wonder if you are in another dimension!  
Hey, to each his own, I’m just informing you where my frame of mind will be during the month of October!  You are welcome to stop by the website anytime.
So; in closing, keep hydrated, eat during lunch time, and remember to be kind. 
Wishing you the best with your grades and life, James.
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