Welcome Students in November 2019.
Greetings high schoolers and the adult teachers as well. This month some will put on the weight their bodies burned off as fuel all summer long.
This may be family and friends time for many of you. Sleepy time you say?
Well, Daylight saving time in the North America continent ends on November 3, 2019. What does this mean?

Follow these instructions for your clock:
At 2am go to your time piece or clock
Turn the dial or watch hands back to 1 am.

You most likely will not have to do anything for your phone devices. They should update automatically.

Also, you don’t really have to stay or get up at 2am to do this. What makes me chuckle is that quite a number of you teenagers will be up anyway.

Just be aware you will gain an hour of sleep. Do you have to wake up early on Sunday, November 3, 2019? Then you may go to bed an hour later or just enjoy an extra hour of sleep.

One more thought. How are your grades doing? I truly hope you are being successful with the majority of your exams. Who knows, maybe all your grades are 100! Kudos to you. It means you are seriously working on your foundation — a foundation for the future.
It is a wonderful thing to have our minds get the basic fundamentals down so we can solve many equations given enough time.
In closing out this welcome students in November letter, here at the Product of Culture website, we wish you a safe and fun month. Thanks for visiting me here and sharing what you like.

Kind regards, pocbooks.com

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