Unlived Dreams By Kellie-Anne

Kellie-Anne Unlived Dreams (Official Video)

Kellie-Anne Poirier has produced a new song that people have described it as “beautiful.”

DeWayne Hyatt expressed:

“Absolutely beautiful song, you are truly an amazing artist. Loved the videography, singing and playing were superb, you have such a uniquely beautiful voice with so much passion.”

Anthony Clemente states,
“This video is really under rated, you have an amazing voice!!”

Some will agree with Anthony. Kellie-Anne’s music is heard in a video digital environment where it sure helps a lot when people who enjoyed (Loved) this special song or another one of your creations help you out a lot by giving it a view for the stats, a like, and at least one share on social media channels!
Have a good cup of coffee (tea) and here is Kellie-Anne “Unlived Dreams”


Hey ya’ll! Hope you enjoyed my “Unlived Dreams” music video
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Kellie-Anne ( Unlived Dreams part 2 )  Aussie family fun!

A Writer’s Poetry

A Writer’s Thoughts
Poetry Featured: PURE INTENTION
A pure intention is dispensed in honor.
The pure intention is straight.
A pure intention is clarity.

The thought and heart behind it has not changed.
It cannot be changed.
It has no desire to change.

The pure intention of Love is a gift.
A gift that is:

How great and perfect is a pure intention.
Ah to have a mind and heart full of them.
See how such a pure intention grows

Beauty is as beauty does -James Lynch Jr.

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