Tyler Ward Honest Feelings of a Victim

Tyler Ward Honest Feelings of a Victim; Sexual abuse is devastating. In one post “Survivors of Sexual Abuse Hold On” you hear Crystal, a victim of sexual abuse as a child, talk about her feelings and how she is gaining spiritual help to take one day at a time in dealing with the traumatic experience.

Tyler Ward, also a survivor,  shares what has happened to him. This post, video, and the poem is provided to inform you there is help. People who have gone through this empathize with victims and at times are able to make themselves available to help others.

Keep in mind, Tyler’s concerns of a victim and outlook is not the same for everyone. Professional and spiritual help is available. 

You dear ones can also allow yourself to have hope.  – J.

This poem was contributed by a poet to express the feelings of a victim, and the need to be cognizant of their emotional pain.

This is his Body, So I don’t want it

This is his body, so I don’t want it;

“When he put his hands where they didn’t belong a grave formed in her ribcage.

I saw her seven days after.

The flowers were ripped from her fields forever.

I cried more than she did.

Seven more days and her suicide note read;

“This is his body, so I don’t want it.”

“Troubled teen suicides, family devastated” was the headline that week.

He cut her smile off and sewed it on the wrong way yet he was not mentioned once.

He is a “good guy” so his bloodied hands and crappy stitchwork don’t mean a thing.

She is not a survivor.

And I think every day; if only there would have been somebody to turn her fragile stitches into a cape.

Maybe then she could have flown instead of fallen. ”


Tyler Ward Honest Feelings of a Victim (Survivor of sexual abuse)

I WAS A VICTIM (there is purpose in the pain) – YouTube

“PATREON: http://www.youtube.com/TylerWard —- The purpose in my pain is THIS MOMENT RIGHT NOW, to let some of you know that you’re not alone and that it’s better to be honest than to hide. Some of you need to tell someone what’s going on right now! From dishonest relationships to something as serious as child abuse. I encourage you to find people and let them know what’s up! The one thing I forgot to say in this video is how desperately we NEED other people to help us get through the tough stuff. The people we surround ourselves with matter. Show me your friends, I’ll show you your future! We need people who are encouraging, supportive and loving. Remove yourself from those who don’t have your best interest at heart and get into a group of people who are will cover you in love and in encouragement. You don’t have to do this on your own. Infact, It’s nearly impossible to succeed on your own. This video is for those of you who might struggle with honesty. There are some of you, like me, who want to control the world and it’s killing us. Sometimes our only option is to be 100% transparent and see where that goes. The struggle is real, man. But there’s hope. I promise there’s better. We just have to be honest with ourselves and chose the right thing over comfort. It might be difficult at first, but It’s worth it. And honestly…without the love of the father above…these things are nearly impossible to solve.”

If you questions on anything in this article, and the feelings of a victim (survivor of sexual abuse) here is the contact help desk.

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