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Twitter-Every Character Matters to Shirley Setia

Every Character Matters For Shirley Setia and Twitter.
When you think of the word ‘collaboration’ with Shirley Setia’s name involved, does a music video come mind?
You would not be the only one with thoughts of musicians working together with Shirley to create musically more art for our enjoyment.
In this case, though, Shirley has done something a little different, but a lot of special to it. She has partnered with Twitter to bring this neat project to life called:


Every Character Matters For Shirley Setia and Twitter.


Twitter, Shirley Setia and #EveryCharactermatters

There is also an additional hashtag Shirley mentions for all the ones who support and love her. It is #Illbethereforyou

Wow, Twitter loves Shirley too! You hear that #teamshirley
In this partnership, Shirley had made a request of her adoring fans to help her create a video campaign showing good memories; good friends.

Just makes you smile inside like they are doing not only all over India but after watching this neat video the whole wide world.

Y’all I may have sounded country with the last sentence, but I know you get the point. Shirley and her fans have been smiling all over India, now we (in this wide-world y’all) can start the day off with a tweet and a smile!

Thank you; Shirley, Twitter, and #Teamshirley for this video.


Video Production Credits

Music by: @HaroonMusic @GavinPereira6
Lyrics: @AmitKumaran
Bass: @BassManLive
Mix & Master: @zoheb_official
Video: @Rituraj2810

Who is Shirley Setia the Songstress?

Rob Cain, a Forbes Contributor, through a Shirley Setia feature gives us the social and Internet background on her.

“Shirley Setia, a 22-year old New Zealander whose family hails from Daman, India, has attracted a large and growing Indian and international following by singing cover versions of Bollywood hits. The diminutive mezzo soprano, who calls herself “a tiny one with not so tiny dreams,” has nearly 900,000 [Now over 3,322,500 Likes] on Facebook, and more than 200,000 [ Now over 1,490,818 ] subscribers to her YouTube channel.”

A One-News reporter had the chance to interview Shirley in which she modestly explains why she feels people enjoy listening to her and attending performances. What do you think about Shirley’s answer in the One-News report below? If you are already a fan of Shirley’s music, then you know the deal, and will most likely agree with her expressions.

Shirley Setia: From singing alone in a grass field to performing for thousands of fans in India

Hope the unique features above have helped you to see how much larger, this “Tiny one” is with a big heart!  Be sure to check out Shirley Setia’s travels and music by following her on Twitter. Have a super #EveryCharacterMatters Day! Keep in mind Shirley’s words in appreciation for all of your support:

Everyone of you matters to me, & together we’re the best fam bam ever! #Illbethereforyou forever & always


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Twitter-Every Character Matters to Shirley Setia

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