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TU MIL GAYA Shirley Setia Songs of Love

TU MIL GAYA Shirley Setia Songs of Love

TU MIL GAYA Shirley Setia Songs of Love

Shirley released a new music video in the fall of 2017 called TU MIL GAYA. What meaning did this bright mind and smiling singer place in this music production? I will let you see it in her own words. Check out the social media update below.

Yes, Shirley’s statement continues:

“Hey everyoneeee, So it’s been a long time since my debut single released, and I had been wanting to work on more originals. Stories that all of us can relate to! At times our past relationships hurt us so much that we’re scared to give love another chance. But maybe a little spontaneous decision is all that we need to let the something special begin. Here’s my little take on meeting new people and giving possibilities to new relationships in life. Hope you all like it!..”

The Product of Culture website is pleased to feature Shirley Setia’s new original:

Tu Mil Gaya Shirley Setia ft. Eklavey Kashyap | #SwipeItRightYaar

Music: Haroon-Gavin Singer: Shirley Setia Lyrics: Kunaal Vermaa Mixed & Mastered by Eric Pillai (Future Sound of Bombay)

Shirley’s Musical Projects

Shirley Setia has worked on quite a few projects you will also be interested in knowing they are available for family and friends entertainment! In observation, musicians and singers in India look forward to working with her on different projects. But not just India; producers and companies in North America continue to find value in Shirley Setia’s talent. Just think about it… Really think about this… After viewing some of her projects and music below; are you thinking, “we can’t go wrong with that talent, call her manager now!”

Then here is the contact information for Business Inquiries: [email protected]

 A Little Something Special

Shirley so appreciated Nidhi Singing her song that she just had to share it with all of us!

Shirley Setia, Friends, and the Rainbow Smile

Shirley’s Singing Artistry and Traveling

The T – Series Mixtape with Jubin Nautiya
HERE Shirley Setia and Jubin Nautiyal may have you asking What is the name of their band? Longtime fans of Shirley and Jubin will inform you that they are not together in a group. When talented singers like these two perform together the smooth chemistry of music they create then compels new music listeners to exclaim, What? READ MORE

Tu Hi Tha the Official Female Version

HERE Shirley Setia continues to portray emotional complexity in her music in ways that must never be lost in any culture or society. Shirley is musically and wonderfully translating a heart-wrenching situation faced by a man and woman-in-love in more languages than Hindi. READ MORE

The Armaan Malik World Tour

HERE It was in the year of 2016 when the Armaan Malik World Tour dropped anchor in the harbor of North America; in a manner of speaking. Armaan Malik placed smiling Shirley on his list of performers. Armaan, a musician with skills and smart man, knew if he was coming to Houston Texas and other states in the USA that he better “bring it!” as the expression goes. READ MORE

And one of my favorites, Every character Matters to Shirley
When you think of the word ‘collaboration’ with Shirley Setia’s name involved, does a music video come mind? READ MORE

A Conclusion with Melodies!

I have to leave you with the Nokiatune Mashup. Check out the singing melody of Shirley; don’t you want this as a ringtone?

TU MIL GAYA Shirley Setia Songs of Love – Feel free to share this with anyone who follows Shirley’s music and career. Take care!

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