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Trust Mind on the Move

Is this a situation in your life of trust you find applicable to ponder?

Mind on the Move -Trust

Pondering the reasons why you just cannot use untrustworthy methods in interactions with people; *not if you want to regain someone’s trust.

Otherwise, you will look like the duck that caused the mistrust in the person’s heart and mind’s eye you have in your presence.

Yes; nip the quacking & walking in the bud. (Chuckle) —Stay a human with heart.

Do you e-mail subscribers agree? As a thought to consider for ones who have a sensitive appreciation for such matters: You don’t always know what a person has been through in life, and even if you do know, a good hearted person may look bad according to inaccurate reports; but is very much in the thriving personality and life standing.

Hey, hey, have a Super Day, James

From my mind to your mind


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