Traditional Games of the Past Fun in the Future

Traditional Games Do you want to enjoy the company of others but don’t know where to get started? Are you afraid of what some people call “awkward” moments due to silence?

This article was originally posted in November 12, 2012

How about getting together with a few friends to play board and card games. Since 2000 B.C. people have played the following games to make friends and have fun. No, not that far back, but as far back as the first half of the 1900s. To some age groups, the time period just mentioned might as well be 2000 B.C. (Dry Humor)


This board game gives a simplified experience with acquiring and spending money through real estate in a fun way. This board game can easily accommodate six to eight players in a race to the finish to see who can buy up and control board. It can turn into a game of endurance between the last 2 players. One game can take a whole afternoon to play depending on the size and skill of players. Dice are involved so anything can happen. STAY out of JAIL!


This card game is best played with a partner. 2 verses 2.

Rules ( This link portion still needs to be filled in)

Phase 10

2 to 10 players. If you can finish playing this game in the time frame of an hour with 4 or more players, let me know. Seriously, the more players, the longer the game seems to go. Oh, what if there is a practical joker in the group? The hands on the clock will be signaling for all to call it a night. Just think, you talked and laughed over the course of 2 hours that flew by quicker than a movie.

The rules and score sheet can be found here.  Rules ( This link portion still needs to be filled in)

There is a nice little cut out card to tell what phase you have to complete before moving to the next round.

The next time you want to have a few friends over just reference some of the ideas mentioned in this article. These are a few of the traditional games that have been around for a long time. What is the reason for the longevity? These games are fun!

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