Tori Kelly A Reviving Performance

Tori Kelly A Reviving Performance on XFactor-Sing Movie Soundtrack

Tori Kelly A Reviving Performance on XFactor produced from the audience plenty of exhilarating applause!

Songstress Tori Kelly acted in the Sing movie, traveled to concert and charity events, and performed Stevie Wonder’s ‘Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing’ on the XFactor all in one year for global audiences!

For several months, Tori Kelly has been introducing and promoting the movie “Sing.” She is part of the ensemble cast where the voice actress role of Meena was assigned to her. And what a stupendous voice it is I’m sure you will agree!

Tori Kelly A Reviving Performance (Stage Image)

Tori Kelly is an elephant

Tori Kelly is an elephant…No really; she is an elephant.
Tori in stating her feeling about being offered the role as Meena, the elephant character, explained:

“I had always wanted to be in an animated film and be the voice of some awesome character, but I never expected it to be this perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a better role to play because I relate to her so much.” -Tori

You see, all (Eyes Wide & Big Smile) of Australia heard it. Tori Kelly is an elephant.

A. Photography Proof:

B. Additional Photograph Verification on Tori Kelly’s kindred elephant status:

Exhibit C: Tori’s habitat elephant movements in action. (Another Big Smile)

Here is a list of more musicians and actors in the “Sing” movie.

Sing cast = Role
Beck Bennett      =                Lance
Taron Egerton   =                Johnny
Scarlett Johansson =          Ash
Tori Kelly  =                          Meena
Nick Kroll    =                        Gunter
Seth MacFarlane =               Mike
Matthew McConaughey =   Buster Moon
John C. Reilly  =                   Eddie
Nick Offerman  =                 Norman
Reese Witherspoon =            Rosita

Movie Directors and Crew

Garth Jennings

Janet Healy
Christopher Meledandri

Joby Talbot Composer (Music Score)

Tori Kelly A Reviving Performance on XFactor

‘Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing’ was released in 1973. It is by the global renowned musical genius Stevie Wonder. You can enjoy Tori’s performance on the XFactor (Australia) show of this Billboard Hot 1974 chart presence.

The Sing Movie

There is a buzz for this animation movie that I have not heard the likes of since February 2016 for another box office animation movie that went on to be a major hit.

If you enjoyed the humor in this article, then the Sing movie trailers promise more to make you laugh; maybe even the bellyaching kind of laughter! Sometimes called the ugly laugh by Tori.

Sing: Tori Kelly “Meena” Behind the Scenes Movie Interview

The Sing Movie information & Official Trailer

The Sing Movie has a PG Rating.
The running time of 1 hour 50 minutes.
It is a Musical Drama colorful animation film. Produced by Illumination Entertainment.
Directed by Garth Jennings.
In theaters December 21, 2016.

Sing Movie Review



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