Too Soon By Kina Grannis

Throwback Thursday Presents Too Soon By Kina Grannis

Throwback Thursday Presents: Too Soon By Kina Grannis
Kina requests for you to stick around if you like. You may have questions about the lyrics?

  • ‘Of what is history and what is a bookmarked page’
  • ‘Don’t speak too soon’
  • ‘I’m mostly floating’

By listening to her commentary you will receive answers that you may say, “I feel/felt the same way.”
By being a supporter of Kina, you can find out the answers on her Patreon Channel by the many comments on the song!

Throwback Thursday Presents: Too Soon By Kina Grannis

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Reasons you will enjoy this limited featured series:

Kina Grannis Sings – For most this would be enough! But wait; there is more!
The songs are K.G. oldies from ten + years ago. So for thousands, quite possibly even a few million, these songs will be brand new to you! While for others, it will be a nice stroll down memory lane. (Ahh, what a lovely way to reminisce.)
Kina pours her memories and thoughts from the waters of her heart and mind about the songs into a large pitcher for appreciative fans. You will identify with many of the songs she expounds upon for us. Joys, trials, and reasoning intelligence; you will experience it all from Kina’s tender heart.

Kina Grannis’ Art and Merchandise

Hope you enjoyed Too Soon By Kina Grannis! Feel free to share it!

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