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What is it to you?

It is a place unlike any other in the world.


Because its purpose is to bring relief and healing.

So sanctuary is not part of the “system of things.” The place and the healers exist in a wonderful state so people will know they have a place outside the game… Sanctuary is not of it. – Sage notes of a Loving Father

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Week January 1– see “welcome students to January 2020

Dec 31, 2019 to 2020When necessary Let this be the year, people talk directly to one another instead of participating in signifying knowledge that make matters worst . Mathew 5: 23-25 (If it matters in dignity) Humans are not to be treated in expedient ways; when it comes to making things clear. Passive aggressive communication shouldn’t be used when a person(s) have already been stumbled many times by imposters and people who out right lie. If the the ones who are supposed to speak truth to you are more into the intellectual head-games of the ones who causes stumbling as well, then what does it show as to how they feel about Mathew 5:23-24? Do you get the sense of why word of mouth is very much important in this internet age? Do not be ashamed of talking to anyone who you know is being bullied or any honorable professional matter. If you don’t speak truth now, will you have someone speak truth for you when you need it? LIFE is so much more than hearing the words of the good book about love; humans have to try and apply the rest of the ” Good news” which pertains to how well we treat people over all. – Let this be the year, you find your voice and let others hear it. – Much success to you all and us all

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Week Nov 15 – Have people around you who take the clear initiative to help you. You will find your best friends in or out of that group. – James L. Read/Share Here

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