Thinking Ability as a Protection Comments

Does your thinking ability works for you the same way our magnificent immune system covers the protections of our wonderfully created bodies?

When we place our thinking, critical thinking that is, and conscience, moral conscience that is, it serves as a protection for us!

Do you agree?

This also applies to the foundation built for Professional Relationships.

The Matrix often attempts and forces some people to do this all wrong. This is the reason it is often easy to sabotage persons who placed their responsibility to communicate in others hands with ulterior motives.  To actually blackball your potential partner as an end goal, because they felt threaten by the success they knew you both would have experienced without their help and interference. You don’t build any kind of lasting(Meaningful) relationship based on abuse and gaslighting; not for sane people at least, who want to maintain their Peace of Mind & Peace of God.

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