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The writer’s mind has to be careful where it goes

The writing of the Product of Culture Trilogy 4 years ago has caused me to come into contact with people that I would not have come into contact with via real life and Social Media.
Greetings it is nice meeting you!

Additionally, due to several reasons, I’m recalling 2 conversations with people.
One, is a male author, who I will not mention his name, but his books, as I told him, are cerebral indeed. At the same time, I asked him about how he came up with the concept for his books. He seemed to be equally interested in what the Product of Culture Trilogy was all about?
To be brief, he asked me questions that at times made us raise an eyebrow at one another. Writers, you know how you can be.  In the end, he asked, “Are you going to write anymore books?”
My answer to him and others. There are additional scenes left out of the first trilogy, but no; and though I thought about it, Grandpa will not have a series of his own.
Tongue in cheek, “The writer’s mind has to be careful where it goes.”
Due to the Product of Culture Trilogy, I met a woman who has a background/upbringing that no documentary I’ve seen so far on television matched with it. This doesn’t mean others do not have similar experiences. I was interested in what she had to say, in this instance, she turned to inquisitive questioning of me and the Product of Culture Trilogy. She was hoping I would write more books.
Tongue in cheek: “If it is not a children’s book, it would have to be a good reason to write another trilogy similar to that one.”
Then the same lady, I referenced above, inquired twice of me to write her interesting biography. I respectfully told her “sorry, but I am unable to devote time to a project of that magnitude.” I heard from a trusted source, others would most likely love to write her story. Still, at this time, she will not allow anyone else to write it. She stated: “If you ever change your mind, I want you to write it”.
With the above said, it could be for you, neither here nor there, The “Product of Culture books” talks hypothetically, illustratively, and fictionally about life’s scenarios in the hope of explaining something new by the end of each chapter that young and old alike could appreciate.

With that said, notice this scene called “The Power of a Word!”

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