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The Truecrypt Encryption Era – The Loss of the Era Explored Part 1

For Security Consultants and home users feeling comfortable with using Information Technology, It was a time of wisdom.

It was a time of practicality.

It was a time of good advice.

It was a time of data protection.

In the year 2004, when Windows XP was the popular operating system, the program called Truecrypt arrived on the scene.

People who were interested in the product were able to download, install it, implement the basic setup; and use it all under 30 minutes.

Still Truecrypt possessed powerful encryption features!

(Humor) Why back in the day, when you gave a laymen definition of encryption: “The process of converting something that is readable into unreadability. Only the right key can unlock the code to make it readable again.” – JAL; you would then show a Truecrypt picture.

For ones who want the technical education, see Dictionary of Networking published by Sybex.
Encryption: “The process of encoding information in an attempt to make it secure from unauthorized access, particularly during transmission. The reverse of this process is known as decryption.”

Truecrypt was programed with the ability to implement the following algorithms:
Triple DES
A lot of choices to choose from for sure. Who developed Truecrypt? This seems to be a guarded secrete in itself and only those who need to know, know the names of the developers. This may or may not change in the future. The millions upon millions of downloads attest to the value of the developers work.

Now consider the questions below that will be answered in the next article:

  1. Why were people interested in this product?
  2. Why did some consultants recommend it?
  3. How did some consultants implement it?
  4. Are there viable choices consultants are recommending now?

Be sure to get your answers in the article
“The Truecrypt Encryption Era – Security and Peace of Mind Part 2”


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