Arden Cho and Daniel Jang

The Songs and Faith in Arden Cho and Daniel Jang Hearts

Hearing Arden Cho and Daniel Jang make musical collaborations together happens to put a smile on my ears. Your ears will be happy too listening to the singing of Arden Cho and violinist Daniel Jang.

This article is to highlight their collaboration together and the Faith they expressed about an old spiritual hymn. You may be familiar with the hymn. It has been a song in happy times and a song in very trying situations in life.

The hymn belongs to family generations and culture; therefore, it is shown here for educational purposes. It is no doubt the words of the hymn will be something new to the ears of many. Arden Cho and Daniel Jang sings with a reverence that calls to mind, “there is a higher personality than ourselves” and they respect this personality.

It may cause you in meditation to ask, “How do I feel about the Grand Creator?”

Arden Cho and Daniel Jang Introduction

The first two videos serves as an informal introduction to Daniel Jang and Arden Cho. Still what you hear will move you; inasmuch, Arden Cho’s expressions give consideration for more than the usual thinking on certain topics.

Fix You Violin Cover By Daniel Jang

Thanks to everyone who has been encouraging to me the past few weeks – I will continue to work hard to bring better music to everyone!- Daniel Jang

Tuesday Talk By Arden Cho

Been sick & on antibiotics the last 2 weeks so I’m a little scattered in this vlog. This was kind of random because I didn’t plan on talking about what I talked about but if you enjoy this style let me know & maybe it can be a weekly thing. -Arden Cho


The next set of videos by these talented two speaks of  Determination and Faith.

 Castle by Arden Cho and Daniel Jang
“Wanted to try something different with this collab video with Arden Cho! More music on the way, hope you like this in the meantime!”

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Original song by Halsey
Violin and track recorded by Daniel Jang

Thoughts from Daniel Jang:

“This is an arrangement of one of my favorite hymns “Nothing but the Blood”, written by Robert Lowry in 1876.

Just a personal thought: This is not an easy upload for me, esp. since this is pretty different than what I usually cover, and sharing a song about my faith is truly a huge step for me – to be honest this scares the crap out of me but doing something like this has been on my heart for a long time. I’ve journaled about this, prayed about it and I’m glad to have Arden in on this project – hope it worked out and let me know what you think about this!”

Arden for the beautiful vocals:
Rob (video and photo):
Mike (assisting):…
David Choi for recording guitar and vocals:…

Soli Deo gloria

Kind Regards

Hope this post has helped you to know these two a little better. I also hope it gives you a bright spot in your hearts that will keep good thoughts to the forefront of your mind.  – Kind regards.

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