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The Sages Wealth Poem

The Sages Wealth A poem for the Perceptive Readers who appreciates how wisdom’s wealth of experience comes from several sources like listening, reading and applying your Insightful History. Yet was is the most wonderful source of all?

The Sages Wealth

What is the wealth of the Sage?

We won’t always see it by the clothes on their backs
Nor different materials in the pockets.
Neither here or there, whether onlookers see it or not
Acknowledges it or not

There is the True One above all who sees it as crystal clear
Because the True One gave the Sage his wealth of wisdom
And The True One continues blessing it many times over


Because the Sage appreciates The True One in all his Infinite Wealth of Wisdom and Glory

The Sage receives from Him ‘Because you are wise in wealth enough to acknowledge me, I will also show others in My Way just how wise I have made you in the richness of your thoughts I will continue blessing’

‘Share freely what I give to you without coercion; Neither let anyone take it from you either by machination’

By such an understanding The Sage sleeps in peace every night.

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