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The SAGE Poetry

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The Sage

He was the one

And then there was a son

Born too soon his father made time stand still

What equation did he think and feel

A man the universe would follow around and yet ignore at the same time

Son you pay this no matter

There are many minds filled with chatter

Be happy you understand and go your way reliant on everything I have told you

Have you not seen for yourself it is true

If they say in my AGE I was the one

Then my son you are number two

Never let anyone take that from you

For you will encounter the dimensions like I shared with you

Son this is why the legitimate sage often leaves for the hills or a serene place by the sea

Everything becomes surreal and so there is no place else the sage would rather be

It has always been your option what will you do

Poem was Created Jan 1, 2019. Public unveiled on May 5, 2019 -Author James Lynch Jr.

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