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Poetry Sages Instrument of Wealth

Infinite Love Conversation with the One
‘Did you understand the gift?’
“It is too marvelous to express I still need a million years at best”
‘Try in this moment; this day’

“Well when I look at the sky I see the sun and moon.
The glory and beauty of their song will never go away anytime soon
The eyes you gave me to peer further into the night’s sky of stars
Whose music travels dimensions of space and time all this far
The mountainous landscapes sing a different tune of majesty unbound
At times just listening to them I have to lay down on the ground
The sea teeming with life and sound when I dive in it turns surround
Plants, Trees, Bees, all creatures in your care
Along with the animals they sing everywhere.
Oh Infinite Love I still need million of moments to express what needs to be said and still the glory of your presence can not be contained in my mind or the universe to sing any further”

‘I will help you to comprehend further all the words in the song you generously shared with me
From Love, to Glory, to Beauty, to Majesty; Yes, life creation itself is the instrument I give to thee’
“Where? Oh where!”
‘Look yonder by the roses garnishing that tree. Your new gifted instrument is called woman; and most certainly she will enhance your comprehension and song about me’

Your skin is not dry from the day’s sun; It is mirroring rejuvenation – Sage Poetic Quote

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