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The Hulk, a creature born from radiation and anger! His solution to problems is to smash, smash and more smash!

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In the world of reality, what would all the smashing carnage get you? 

Really, think it through. Something makes you angry, and your fingers and fists clench as your head feels exhilarated due to the higher than normal pulsation of blood. Now as a reaction, you lash out at your target! 

Have you noticed that more people on the social networks are intimating the pain experienced by verbal punches hurt just as much as physical blows? Equate the smashing of the Hulk to a verbal smack. What devastation would come from it? 

Once time has passed, you return to your normal and peaceful self. No more green with madness, or for some, green with envy. 

However, another reality comes to you; you are not able to just change your clothes and move on to another town. Unlike the Hulk, your anger or envy has destroyed bridges and buildings that will take an unspecified amount of time to repair. 

In some cases, it will take a miracle from the Grand Creator himself to fix the damage. 

Everyday has the capability to make us a better person or turn us into the Hulk like creature! Which one do you ascribe to?

Video Bonus Feature: The Hulk Made Him Hungry

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