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The HAVASI Symphonic Landmark World Tour Continues

The HAVASI Symphonic Landmark World Tour continues in 2017!

Phenomenal: Extraordinary or exceptional. (This applies to something experienced or the skill one exhibits)

Sentence: Balázs Havasi is a phenomenal pianist and composer. This is a phenomenal World Tour with HAVASI and his orchestra!

Listen to the experiences of performers and the opinions of music connoisseurs in the official announcement video.

HAVASI Symphonic Landmark World Tour


HAVASI Events & Information

“After a hugely successful premiere on the iconic main stage at Carnegie Hall, the HAVASI Landmark World Tour (2017) will continue with exclusive performances at some of the most prestigious, landmark concert halls around the world.”

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“The modern classical performances present the 100% original compositions of Havasi, a virtuoso pianist and one of the most innovative and versatile young composers writing today. The concerts bring together many different artists on the same stage: solo piano, rock drums, strings and vocal and instrumental soloists. Havasi carries the audience along on a fascinating voyage through constantly unfolding musical scenes, enhanced by state-of-the-art light design and digital installations of animated art.”

Yes, as a review, when the HAVASI Symphonic Landmark World Tour (2017) lay anchors in your land, you and the whole family can find out by going here.


Be sure to plan for your tickets now and know where the venues are located in your land!
Enjoy the HAVASI Symphonic Landmark World show!








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