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The Final Exam—AudioBook

For new readers who did not know about this trilogy, here is the audio sample. I realize the POCbooks website offers a variety of new topics and writings as a whole, while others are archived and removed; still, yes, this trilogy will stay available indefinitely.

The Final Exam -Audio book
Product of Culture Trilogy Book 3


The Product of Culture saga ends in this new book release aptly titled:

The Final Exam

Is life all about status and money? Are you a fighter? Where do bullies come from? Inasmuch, how do you interact with bullies? Has time shown you there is something very special to pursue? Is there a higher purpose calling out to you but you don’t know what it is? In your private thoughts you could you be resisting the pleas of a gentle Spirit? Yes, drawing you closer when you cry out in solitude. What people do you claim to be your ancestors? What is the land of your birth? Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, or South America; your background does not matter! After reading the third and final part of this saga, you will not be the same person that started this trilogy!

If you say, “I want to face the world. I can handle what life throws at me.”

Come face it in The Final Exam.

If you say, “I like a book that will take me on a journey.”

In a unique way, travel back and forth through time in The Final Exam.

If you say, “I want to be in the mind of the protagonist and antagonist.”

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Do you really? Then come and experience the minds of individuals whose thoughts alone can command armies. A word from a powerful mind can enslave or set people free.

“The Final Exam” Paperback












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