The EP Wiser Meaning of Songs Explained by Madilyn Bailey

Madilyn Baily sat down and talked about her new EP Wiser. By watching this video, you come to appreciate Madilyn’s Wiser meaning of songs or emotional content behind each word spoken; each word sang in the EP.

If you would like to read more commentary on Madilyn here at the Product of Culture (POCbooks) Website, there is another interesting article here:

Madilyn Bailey Astounding Wiser EP Album

The EP Wiser Meaning of Songs Explained by Madilyn Baily


Wiser | Hate You More | Death of Me | Survive| Scars

This is a video I have been wanting to make for the longest time because that would mean that my album is finished and the songs that I put on it really mean something to me. Here is a bit about my songwriting process and deeper look into the meaning behind my songs off my Wiser EP.


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SNAPCHAT – MizzMadhatter

MUSICAL.LY – Madilyn Bailey

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