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The El Dorado Meaning for Shakira – New Music

The El Dorado Meaning for Shakira

Shakira - Perro Fiel videoWhat is up with Shakira since she released her new brilliantly collaborative combined new album! I have Shakira’s new “El Dorado” EP… Do you have yours?

The question still stands, where has this Hispanic/Latin songstress been traveling with her music promotion and interviews?


Over the past several weeks, we have availed ourselves the opportunity to enjoy Shakira’s album launch party, singing performances, music videos, and dance.

We could expound upon several of these events about Shakira with her music-loving fans.

For this report, though, on what is happening in the music culture, allow me to point out two statements from the New York Times interview with Shakira

The El Dorado

The El Dorado meaning for Shakira

Excerpt is taken from “Shakira Finds Liberation, One Song at a Time” by Jon Pareles

It’s an album sung mostly in Spanish, Shakira’s original language — though she is now fluent in English — and it’s full of love songs carried by tropical rhythms. The album is named after a mythical golden city sought in the Americas by Europeans. “Finding inspiration itself and realizing it had always been there all along — that was my El Dorado,” she said. “That was a perfect state of mind.” – Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll

Shakira talks about her collaborations with Carlos Vives (La Bicicleta), Maluma (Chantaje) and Prince Royce in the interview. This was a pretty Kool (Kool is Kooler than cool) interview that you readers interested in the Latin music culture, or music period, will find value in what you learn from it.

The last I checked, we will be hearing and seeing performances from Shakira throughout the summer. For this to be a hobby of Shakira, this lady sure has talent and gets a lot of enjoyment from it!

The El Dorado Meaning for Shakira – New York Times Quote

‘ “The studio became the place to let some steam off, away from everyday life as a mother — that became my hobby. And then it became a pleasure like all hobbies are. So now music is my hobby. Oh, I never thought I would say that!”
She laughed. “It’s crazy!”


The El Dorado Meaning for Shakira –  ‘When a Woman’

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