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The Days of Star Trek

The Days of Star trek

Allow me to share this Days of Star trek journal entry star date_____. Star Trek is one series I  will not forget any of  the episodes anytime soon; the original series that is. You know how we can quote dialogue at times. Chuckle

Don’t get me wrong, the Next Generation was an interesting run as well. Then Deep Space 9 and Voyager.
Wait a minute, I just named a whole kitten kabuddle of them; did I not?

Now where were we? There are certain times during the end of the year when I like to get me some popcorn and butter, maybe a stronger than lemonade drink and watch Star Trek.

Amazing how after watching each episode of the original series, more than twenty times, over the years, I still can sit back and enjoy them.  Gene Roddenberry’s thought processes and writing gelled with many of us.

What about you?

Who is your favorite Captain? ( Sidenote with a bias )

Feel free to express why you find this or that Captain so, so interesting!

Think about the actor who brought  the Captain’s personality to life.

Hey, do you think that the way they played these Captains were right ‘on par,’ so to speak?

Also, if acting is your field, do you feel your abilities would have caused the series to become as culturally popular as it is today?

A lot was riding on the original series and now look at it today!

For those of you who have plans, enjoy a nice Star Trek movie day/evening you die-hard Trekkies!

Take care

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