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The Crafted Voices of Lee Alan

The Crafted Voices of Lee Alan

When you think of craft, you think of a person with a special skill. One occupation that comes to mind is a masterful carpenter. Imagine a resourceful person taking a tree and turning it into fine displays of furniture. The carpenter will create, fix, and enhance upon the architect’s request for dream homes and buildings of major proportions.

Mr. Lee Alan is a master of his craft as a voice actor and narrator. Everyone will experience and hear in his works the following:


Lee Alan has a state of the art studio. He is thorough in asking, ‘What do you want?’ Then this skilled narrator will finely tune everything according to your desire. If you are not sure of what is best in a particular situation, his tried and proven years of experience will provide suggestions to help you find the right tone for your novel. Mr. Alan will meet and most likely surpass your choices on the final decision.

Pitch, Pace, and Power

Mr. Alan possesses precision control over vocal ranges. From the rich deepness of a powerful man, to the delicateness of a mother instructing her children; he executes the right pitch of the human voice for the scene. It is a pleasure for all ages to hear his story telling ability. His modulation reading of a novel stirs the emotions!

Ambient sounds

For anyone who desires atmospheric and music sounds as part of the vision for their novel, Mr. Alan has a varied selection of choices. He will help you set the right environmental tone for your scenes.

Mr. Alan has more than 35 years in the broadcasting entertainment industry. With his years of experience, he could create a syllabus and teach courses on narration. Mr. Alan executes his narration skills like a fine craftsman. He possesses the resources to help any project be structured according to your desire for excellence.

You will find if “seeing is believing,” then hearing will help you to feel and understand.



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