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The Awesome JW Library App

The JW Library App. It is important to have a positive source of reading and viewing material you can turn to throughout the day; would you agree? Have you downloaded the JW Library?
Guess what? Recently, new features and publications have been added to the App that will allow you to download videos this website has referenced from time to time in the Introspection section of the POCbooks website. Yes! You can download all your favorite videos from JW Broadcast right to your tablet, smartphone, etc.

JW Library App New features

Here are more updates here or will be arriving soon, per the announcement made in October 2015

  • Highlight text in the study pane
  • Support for The New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures–Study Edition
  • Make notes as you study
  • A new Meetings section to quickly access current congregation meeting materials


Be sure to check it out. The figurative human heart, who appreciates family, or spiritual edification, or practical and a deeper understanding of Bible Knowledge will appreciate the JW Library APP. Oh, we do not want to leave out the children! Caleb and Sophia are 2 of the most adorable animated characters some have seen in recent memory; if you love them as a parent, your little ones will love to view them as friends. Do you like what you have heard so far? Well, it is still touching the surface on the positive (good) nature of this App.
Yes, The JW Library APP will help you to store a wealth of encouraging information with you at all times. Wow, in your travels where there is no internet connectivity, you truly will have an abundance of downloaded videos and publications of your choosing to keep you HAPPY during offline viewing!
Google Play Store Link
After you download the JW Library, take a look in the  Publications then WHAT’S NEW section of the JW Library app.

Have a peaceful day

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