Fido and Friskers Acknowledgements

When you walk a dog or talk with a cat, you get two entirely different responses most of the time. Oh faithful Fido is always willing to carry on a conversation with you.

Now when it comes to Mr. and Ms. Friskers, those cats will walk off in your mid-statement. It doesn’t even matter to them when you saw the cat(s) knocked the plate or some other item over on purpose.

However, notice these points on how a cat shows love.

If your cat rubs up against you and lies on you like a pillow while purring, that really means something. (Chuckle) Hey, I know the cat paid no mind to you being upset; and you know why?

Because they know their love is all you need to cover over the next time they explore your drawers and cabinets.

Regards, James PoeArtistry

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