Take the Time to Smell the Roses as a Gift

Take the time to Smell the Roses as a Gift.

There once was a woman who wanted to bestow a gift to her friend who lived eleven miles away.

She spent more than a week trying to think up what would be the perfect gift for her friend. “This surprise would be the best!” Her face lit up just thinking about it.

Her friend called during the week and made the following request, “Let’s go out on the town and have some fun.”

Oh no, the gift was not ready at the time. Therefore her friend with good intentions made light-hearted excuses on why she couldn’t go out and have fun; because she was working on this extravagant gift you know. “This gift will make my friend very happy!” Again, just thinking about the planned surprise for her friend brighten her mood each day.

A month full of unforeseen events went by and the woman just never had good time moments to spare for her friend when she made the softly spoken request over text, “Let’s hang out.”

The surprise gift will be worth it the woman kept telling herself. Finally, around two months later, that anticipated day arrived for the woman to give the gift to her friend.

Before making the eleven miles drive, she stopped by her mailbox at the end of the driveway. When she opened the mailbox, there was a pink letter mixed in with advertisements and bills. She sorted through the mundane mail to hurriedly open the pink letter.

Beginning of letter:

Dear _________,


I’m sorry for not telling you this in person, and you know how difficult it is for me to say things over texting :). I have moved to another state. The past year has been difficult losing the ones I loved. I totally empathize that you are also busy with your life.

After many nights of praying and as you called me, one with little tears, I came to this conclusion with fuzzy wuzzy bear you gave me years ago.  There is a time for everything, I suppose, so the reasoning in my heart says it was time for me and fuzzy wuzzy to leave here.


Thanks for the time and memories. _______ remember when we first met? You gave me the time of day when I needed you. I didn’t see you at first, but you somehow saw me. I hope I was able to return the favor to you over the years.

I will take those moments with me and cherish them always.


Warm Love, ____________


End of letter

 Blogging with Passion Series #2 

Take the Time to Smell the Roses as a Gift







It is now your turn to contemplate what happened?

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