Reading on a November Day

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Do You Have Your Research Notebook

In this Pocbooks update moment, we discuss several ways a small or medium size notebook kept near can be beneficial for you. You can also subscribe directly to Soundcloud and get the Perceptive Readers Podcast right away. It is FREE!

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Letter Writing Kindness is not a Weakness

Who What When Why in Letter Writing; which kindness is not a weakness. Yes, get to your point in addressing a concern(s) why maintaining dignity at the same time.

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Best Proof Reading Tips for Writers

Writers, Students, and Pros; what are your proofreading tips? Proofreading is normally done after you are satisfied with your draft article or story. You are looking to edit misspellings, grammar, and punctuation errors.

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Krispy Kreme Me and My Coffee Best Friend

My crispy, Krispy Kreme, how many days have I dined with thee?

Breakfast through dinner is not what you claim
Being a tasty dessert is your claim to fame

Never would you state something you are not intended for, because your milk chocolatey glaze has people salivating for more.

Coffee with you in the morning is my cup of tea.
I’m pretty sure the Peace Officers agree with me.

Though you have many many flavors in custard and fruit, your original glaze has always been all I need.

Even when I am slender or picked up the love handles in the light.

Hey if loving you is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

However, anytime of day or evening with you is one of life’s pleasures, so I anticipate another modest cup of coffee and creme

With you and my love for Krispy Kreme

By James Lynch Writer, Poet, and Podcaster

Krispy Kreme Thank you

Life and Times Baby Lucas 1

Part 1 Baby Lucas Narration Perceptive Readers

Part 1 Life and Times of Baby Lucas A Narrator’s View


Lucas is your average baby, or is he? His adventures will cause you to use the mind and excite the heart! This book is designed to be read in a parental setting to a child. Are you a mother or father? Even babysitters will want to read this book. With perfect timing, you are here for the beginning of Lucas’ life as he gets familiar with his friends and environment.