One reason why I say Keep Doing The Best You Can

I posted this on Tuesday night for encouragement from experiences that have been in my personal diary for years. Sorry it got removed, it was not I who did it. Well see the facts. Anybody who tells you this is false, then they are probably the very ones who are cold-hearted to situations like this. They are also most likely liars and cowards as well to use gas-lighting techniques. You probably know more.

My Personal littleone note:
The person who loves you is willing to find different ways to accommodate & help you without causing any further harm.

Persons that insist you do something or place you in situations just to cause problems or for dishonest gain are missing or lacking…

For example, does a child have to forgive the person who raped(one time or ongoing) her or him?
Even when they are adults and develops a strong faith in God. It still does not mean they are healed from this trauma or ever will be on this side of the ‘system of things’

Yet, there have been some persons who actually will say “You don’t forgive that person and God won’t forgive you”

Fact: Jesus did talk about the importance of forgiveness.

Fact: Jesus also talked mercy, and love,
And as Lord of the Sabbath healed people and touched ones that even religious leaders would have stayed away from because of the written ‘law’

Here is the point. Eventually when we are healed in every way then we will also find the same way we are healed of sicknesses and things our bodies can’t do now, they will once again be able to then

Likewise with (the mind) psychological trauma
Do you think from what you read in the Good Book that Jesus would knowingly/purposely place that now grown adult in the same place with the person(s) who did this to her or him?

With that said, it is not our place to judge someone who is suffering from PTS, and the other psychological forms of such trauma in what these ones may/will have to do to take care of their ‘spiritual care’ This has always been the understanding of the Noble and Wise ones in ‘positions of trust’

Note: There are people who have forgiven from the heart even extreme circumstances like mentioned above.

When a person struggles it is still not our place to judge it is in the Grand Creator’s understanding and love.

Just Walk Away

In this pocbooks update moment podcast, the conversation is about why we walk away when bullies try and pick a fight. In the end YOU WILL WIN with your clear reasoning. Kind regards, James Lynch Jr the author and owner of
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