Teenagers Interested in Learning HTML You will like this Book

From the archives, Teenagers Interested in Learning HTML-You will like this Book.

Information Technology can be intimidating even when the desire is there, but then you look at the source code of an average web page.  For instance, with a web browser (I’m using Firefox), right click on this webpage to show a menu and select ‘view page source’.  Just scroll down the window that pops up. What do you see? Now place yourself in someone else’s shoes seeing this for the first time.  (A few have just left this site to learn something easier, like rocket science.)
Well, I’m glad you stuck around. If you want to learn HTML in an easy and fun setting read on!
A Teen’s Guide to Creating Web Pages and Blogs

A Teen’s Guide to Creating Web Pages and Blogs was first published in 2004 titled Kid’s guide to creating web pages for home and school and later republished under the present title in 2009.
This book is filled with examples and screen shots; and yet, it is compact enough to have you creating your own web pages with confidence within hours to 1 week if you are on summer break. (Smile)
The co-writers of this book will remind you of that favorite teacher who deserves a gift of an apple… Oops, wrong time period. That favorite teacher, you gave a high five! Huh? Wrong again.
All the same, tell your favorite teacher you appreciate them. Fair enough? When you read this book teenagers, it should take the scare out of HTML and even JAVA.
Background of the Writers
These are snapshots from history for the following 3 writers of A Teen’s Guide to Creating Web Pages and Blogs. Assuredly, likely they have learned and engaged in more activities since then.
Benjamin Selfridge .
Subjects of interest
● Attended Bard College
● Mathematics
● Computer science
● Psychology.
He is also a talented piano player and composer, and an avid listener of classical, jazz, and rock music. His other interests include skiing, movies, and reading out-of-the-ordinary fiction and Shakespeare.
Motivation for this book -When Ben was 11, his friends sparked his interest in creating Web pages.
Peter Selfridge
Subjects of interest
He has a Ph.D. in computer science and worked at Bell Labs and AT&T Labs for 19 years as a research scientist.
He currently works for a small science and engineering company near Washington, D.C. and advises the government on technology issues. He continues to do occasional hands-on programming (Java, mostly). When not working, Peter enjoys being a parent to his older children, Benjamin and Lauren, as well as hiss two new children, Sarah and Andrew. When time permits, he enjoys skiing, playing the acoustic guitar, and hiking.
Jennifer Osburn
Subjects of interest
She is a graduate student and instructional assistant at Texas State University, where she teaches undergraduate English and film classes. She is a future technical communicator whose interests include technology and education.
Hope this helps you young men and women in your endeavors to understand HTML.


Sample Subscribers Feedback

From the November 2013 archives, a subscription form sample

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Thank you for your interest and support.
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P.S. It is not required; however, you are welcome to send or fill out additional information such as google plus, Twitter Handle, Etc..


Sample Poll Data

From the archives, sample poll and feedback data question

Which of these beverages do you often drink before an Exam?

Imagine for a moment your body and brain as a vehicle. A basic car needs gasoline and air to get it moving when called upon by the motor.

What are you fueling your brain with in  preparation for a big Exam? Select your choice below. Please share this poll with friends and colleagues. 

WordPress shortcode

[polldaddy poll=6759911]

JAVA Script for other websites

script type=”text/javascript” charset=”utf-8″ src=””

href=””>Before a Test what beverage do you like to drink?


Guide to the Spiceworks community

From the archives of James Lynch September 2, 2010

The year was 2006.  A company named Spiceworks held up its creation to the public. This was an answer to many IT administrators’ dreams.  The company designed and created a free network-monitoring tool.  Did I mention this tool is free? 
This company not only created a valuable software package for small to medium size businesses, moreover, they instituted an online community structure for support. 
Even though the ever-increasing capabilities of this network management software could be expounded upon, the scope of this article provides information about the Spiceworks online community.
The majority of the users in the “Spiceworks Community” share a common background of knowledge and application in the information technology field.  These bright administrators range from novice to experts.  Why is such an online community helpful?  Contrary to popular beliefs, your local IT person does not know everything. (Coffee cups have just dropped around the world.)
Here is where the beauty of this online community comes in.  The beginners can learn from the seasoned users of the network monitoring software. If you add the years of experience for the IT professionals in the Spiceworks Community, the years would number into the millions. How can this be?  Here is the answer. The noteworthy achievement of having 1 million professionals to use the software was accomplished in the second quarter of the year 2010.   Large quantities of these users have over a decade of experience; hence, you can do the math.
The Spiceworks Community is not limited to giving advice just for its product. This online community is subdivided into groups the user can join.   These groups help you to narrow down subjects that are of high concern to you and your job.  You are able to subscribe, create discussions, and receive e-mail notifications when someone posts in the groups. 
Notice just a few of the interesting subjects mentioned in the forums:
Do you have questions about Windows 7?  Then the “Windows 7” group would be the one for you.
Do you need research and ratings on hardware, software, or other information technology services?  Then you will want to search through the “Ratings and Reviews” section of the community.
Hey, as an IT guru, do you just want to share how you have solved the complexities of the universe?  The “Water Cooler” group would be the one for you.  This group’s topics alone continue to grow exponentially.  Good thing the universe is infinite!
This online community has implemented other avenues for the IT professionals to meet in one or two ways.
First, there are the “SpiceWorld” events they have each year.  All in this online community are encouraged to attend.  An article could be written alone about this event.  The workshops, breakout sessions, and vision of the company are shared in a spirit of comradely. Such a setting is conducive to learning.
Secondly, there are localized area groups called “SpiceCorps.” They discuss general issues related to information technology in a relaxed atmosphere.  Do not be surprised if “Water Cooler” subjects are also discussed at these meetings.
This online community has evolved in such a way that it is not viewed as a byproduct of the Spiceworks network management software, but an intricate part of a valuable service.
In closing, the Spiceworks online community is designed to help anyone to become knowledgeable and efficient in their jobs. 


Best Practices Configure the Server Core

From the July 2015 archives Best Practices – Configure the Server and Remove the GUI

This is a best practice for Windows Server 2012 R2 Active Directory Domain Services

The Best Practice – Remove the graphical user interface (GUI) from the Windows Server 2012 R2 by running it in the server core mode.

Why use it – A smaller OS footprint that will increase your server’s security lockdown and better utilization of resources. Server administrators will appreciate this additional information from Microsoft.
“Why Is Server Core Useful?”

How to install it – As mentioned at the onset, you may like to initially set up your server through the GUI. I recommend anyone unfamiliar with an operating system should use the GUI if one is provided. It gives you a faster visual understanding of everything that is going on with your configuration.

After you have installed the features and roles in addition to activating your server, administrators can carry out these enumerated steps to switch on server core mode.

1) Manage -> Remove Roles and Features
2) Press next -> Select a server from the server pool -> Press next
3) Press next on the Remove server roles screen
4) On Remove feature screen expand the User Interfaces and Infrastructure -> remove the check mark from “Server Graphical Shell” -> Press next
5) Place check mark in the “Restart the destination server automatically if required” box
6) Press remove

The wizard will do its work. Make sure the server restarts; if it does not restart, you must manually restart it.

There you have it.

Some like to remove the “Graphical Management Tools and Infrastructure” feature for an even smaller footprint. The Graphical Management Tool still brings up the Server Manager when you log in. I personally would keep it on at least one domain controller for local and remote management of other servers. However, you may want to remove all GUI features from all servers and just manage the server systems from a Windows 8.1 machine with Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) installed.

For your information- Server core can run the services below
File Services; Print Services; Streaming Media Services
Web Server (IIS); Remote Access Server; Remote Desktop Services
Windows Deployment Services; Windows Software Update Services


HTML Programming Instructional Video by Eli

From the year 2015 archives posts HTML Programming Instructional Video by Eli

Recently, with students out for summer break, I’ve been looking for teaching tools that will help teenagers who are seriously interested in developing their skills in the Information Technology world.HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is the default and still taught programming language for internet webpages. Before moving on to other languages, it really helps in the long run to get the basics down first. You will accumulate knowledge in your brain that will be laid as a foundation for you to build on top of like a house of Information Technology knowledge. Oh, you may forget this or that, but you will not forget the basics for a long time.
It will take a long time to Forget These Things
Like I mentioned in the first heading, you should not forget the basic. Here is a brief list of the basics:
● How to identify the document
● How to add a comment and why
● How to turn tags on and off
● What is a Titled tag
● What is the Body tag
● What is the paragraph tag
Introduction to HTML Programming
Here to also help you, is a class taught by Eli the computer guy, syllabus if you will, that will help you to understand what I have noted above and more.
It is very helpful for many people to read a book on a subject and have an instructor at the same time for questions and encouragement. An additional reason why Eli the Computer Guy’s “Introduction to HTML Programming” video will benefit you is because he takes into consideration the questions you would most likely ask and teaches them as he goes along. He also teaches in a repetition for emphasis style.  The 1 hour and 38 minutes video link is below.


Google Plethora of Services

From the July 2015 archives of James Lynch’s writings

Google has provided so many services over the years that only employees can name them all. Then again, may only the President of Google could name them all… Never mind, no one could name all of Google’s services provided throughout the years without looking them up!
For the readers of Geek Brain Dump, a list of Google’s present and active services are provided below. Due to the company’s hyper speed development mode, this list is no means exhaustive.
Have you used these common Google services?
Google’s  Web Search Engine
Google Docs
Google Chrome (Web Browser)
Google Hangouts, +Plus, and  YouTube
Site and Blog Administrators
Google Analytics –Measures your website’s visitors and their interaction with website\blog. 
Google Webmaster Tools- See how many times your website’s articles are showing up in search words. What keywords people are typing into the web browser’s search engine prompts your posts to receive impressions. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised at how many impressions Google’s search algorithm is providing for good quality articles even when your website is ranked 1 or 2! 
Additional statements from Google on Webmaster Tools
● Did some queries result in more traffic to your site than others?
● Are your product prices, company contact info, or events highlighted in rich search results?
● Which sites are linking to your website?
● Is your mobile site performing well for visitors searching on mobile?
  In the future, we will dive more into Google and the state of the art technology it takes to run the juggernaut!
Until next time, can you name the Google services you have added to your Internet toolbox?
Permissions of Logo use
Screenshots of Most Google Products
You don’t need our permission when you want to use an unaltered screenshot of our homepage ( or the search results page for instructional or illustrative purposes. This applies for print (book, magazine, journal, newspaper) or digital (web page, DVD, CD) formats.


Bloglovin Benefits and Geek Brain

From the July 2015 archives of James Lynch’s writing Bloglovin Benefits and Geek Brain

Bloglovin’ is a tool I use to keep up with all my favorite blog posts. For a site like Geek Brain Dump, with its daily stream of new articles from the writers here, it makes sure I receive highlighted notifications via the Bloglovin website and the phone app of newly posted articles.
It places the RSS Feeds preview of each new headlined blog article and places it in an organize squared\rectangle layout. See sample and take a look at the like and red heart and share choices for your favorite articles. Your likes and shares matter!
Have you noticed the interesting articles being shared here at Geek Brain Dump? They range from all things technical in the reviews, articles, and how-to. If you do not want to miss one article, Bloglovin’ will even send you a digest at the end of the day.
This is how I keep up with the latest on this website.
Account Setup
In order to set up your account, just go to and click on the sign up button.
After you quickly setup your account through Facebook or e-mail profile, look to the “Search blogs” feature and type in Geek Brain Dump. The website will show up before you even finish typing it.
Select and press the follow button. It will add Geek Brain Dump to your feed.
Hope this makes managing your feeds easy.


Rednote Book a Tool You Need

From the archives of July , 2015. Rednote Book an Underestimated Tool You Need

From Helpdesk tickets to spreadsheets, people who are active Information Technology professionals have used it all to keep track of things.

There are times when you have several tasks hit you all at the same time. To complete these tasks they will require multiple steps and notes. Still, the phone keeps ringing, and you are right in the middle of some configuration change. Now you may say, this is what helpdesk tickets are for, right?

Yes, they are. But have you ever typed in brainstorming thoughts that you just know you may never need them again, and those thoughts are just creating a lot of smoke in your documented notes that will one day be a knowledgebase? This is just one of the reasons Information Technology Professionals would want to use Rednote Book.

In the 2 minute video below, I show you in a typical day interruptions and progress you may experience; but also how Rednotebook can keep you on track. The focus will be on the following

Search Feature
Spell Check


Microsoft SQL Server Express Editions Benefits

Perceptive Readers, Here from the archives July 19, 2014.

The Enterprise level SQL Server edition has more features and possibilities than technologist would ever implement unless he or she is working with an enterprise level organization, i.e., Microsoft may be the only organization using them all.(Just kidding… Well, who else uses every single feature offered?) This is where the SQL Server Express Editions provide a significant alternative. The SQL Server Express Editions Microsoft provides are limited to:
● 1 processor socket (4 cores)
● 1 GB of memory per database instance
● 10 GB Maximum relation Database size

There are additional limitations that we will not mention here, due to the reason you can gauge from the 3 items already noted, whether Microsoft’s SQL Express will fill the need with smaller scale usage for server and web applications.

  1. It is great for your Windows lab environment
  2. You should be able to choose all default settings during the install.
  3. The bare minimum; yet, powerful features of SQL, will provide what you normally need without the learning curve confusion. You can constantly build upon your knowledge of why and when additional features are needed after you get the fundamentals down.
    SQL Express Server can be upgraded to other featured pack versions like standard and enterprise.
    SQL Express Server is free.
    Even though Microsoft presently has a SQL 2014 Server express edition available for download, often technologist will use a few versions behind; IMHO and others, it is a good practice to allow time for the bugs to be found in newer versions of software before production use, hence I’ve provided a link to
    Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express
    Grab the most commonly used components. Install in the A , B order.

A) SQL Server 2012 Express
B) SQL Server Management Studio 2012 Express
Hope this helps you with your setup know-how of SQL. Note the differences between Microsoft’s SQL Server & MYSQL. As you develop small to medium size applications it is good to be familiar with both. At the very least, you can test and decide if you will upgrade to a higher version of Microsoft’s SQL in the future. But for today, you can get basic experience with minimum to free costs.