Story Telling For Your Heart

Do You Enjoy Story Telling? What is a talent of a good story teller? How do they help us to remember? Let’s talk about it in this encouraging pocbooks update moment.

What is Success To You

Perceptive Readers, what is success to you? I pretty sure it is linked to the freedom for enjoying an exquisite quality of life. Let’s discuss it in this pocbooks update moment. Thank you for caring and sharing this podcast.

The Dawn of Time Men Word of Mouth Version Example

The Dawn of Time Men ( Poetry Info Version Example) This is an excerpt of the Perceptive Readers Podcast discussing Freelance and Marketing Examples. This is the author’s original as an educational purpose gift to The Perceptive Readers Podcast Subscribers. It is my hope this will further stimulate your creativity in work and recreation. You can listen to the whole informative explanation on how to create a poetic info ad or word of mouth shoutout, just listen to “From The Dawn of Time Men” whole podcast here


How Do You Find Freelance Work

How Do You Find Freelance Work?

Quote Go to where your target market hangs out and look and ask around there. The best place to find clients is where clients look for help. Learn about your market, what it reads, and where it goes to get support and be available to provide help, ideas, and resources.


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The Podcast above is an excerpt From Graduation with a Poetry Flare GWPF 5 The Start of Knowledge
I. The Start of Knowledge

Knowledge empowers as long as its what you need.

What love does with knowledge and what knowledge does without love.

The same goes for wisdom.


The Brave Browser Review and Benefits

The Brave Browser Review and Benefits This is from the archives, enjoy!
The Brave Browser review is a technology tool many have found value in using today.

Thiojoe explains the incentives for professional website owners and Youtube Content Creators as well.

“We’re giving people a warm welcome and putting some change in their pockets,”– Company Chief Executive Brendan Eich, who previously co-founded and led the Mozilla Firefox browser.

The Brave Browser Review and Benefits – Featuring Thio Joe

Thio joe: The “Brave” web browser is a new browser based on Chromium (just like Google Chrome), that promises an alternative to the current ad system on the internet. Instead of displaying ads to generate revenue for websites, users can contribute to a wallet which is then distributed proportionally to websites they visit. They can contribute as much or as little as they want, even zero. The browser also blocks scripts and ads, making it safer and easier to browse the web in the first place. They also give away free cryptocurrency tokens, or “Basic Attention Tokens” every once in a while.

This Web Browser Will Literally Change the Internet

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Marie Digby

In case you didn’t know, the owner of this website loves a beautiful timepiece! Even though the owner still has not replaced his last wristwatch, a terrific friend gave him as a gift years ago.

Maybe it is time for something brand new that will still maintain a person’s style and class? Well, it appears Marie Digby will certainly help us with this important decision. You will appreciate what she has to say about Daniel Wellington Watches.

Marie Digby: “2018 so far has been full of sweet surprises looking forward to seeing what else is in store! Trying to keep track of the time with this beautiful @danielwellington watch. If you use the code MARIEDIGBY at checkout, you get 15% off your order”

The 15% off is a deal maker for sure! Enjoy and remember your priceless moments with a Daniel Wellington Watch.

Reference Read more:

Did You also Enjoy the You can Be What You Want? By All Means Sharing is Caring

GWPF 3 Keynote Graduation Day

Men, throughout history, have appreciated the importance of reading and writing in communities. Welcome to (GWPF) Graduation With a Poetry Flare; You did not know just how intelligent you are on this day!

GWPF 2 Poetry with a Special Journey

Graduation with a Poetry Flare on Poetry for a special a Journey
You waited close to 2 decades for its completion. The GWPF 2 on will keep the memory of it for generations.


Economics Race and America

G’day Perceptive Readers,
Here is a special Thursday, and Sunday sharing report:

Name: Robert Woodson
Subject: Race in America: Economics

As you can see from the topic above, it is a recommendation noted that empathetic
citizens give heed to and proactive steps.

What are these proactive steps?
Well, this is what makes this sharing topic so special!

The Hippocratic Oath: Our Devotion to the Science and “Art” of Medicine

Below, I have placed the following report’s description and audio for you to fully contemplate the following when in medical and other trusted fields; “Love Does Not Harm His/Her Neighbor.”

Therefore, in such professions, “Love is not sacrificed for the sake of efficiency.”

We Learned From A 20 Century Tuskegee Experiment
Perceptive Readers Podcast Topic and Elevated Thoughts on the matter. See “Position of Trust” In 1932, the Public Health Service, working with the Tuskegee Institute, began a study with an objective that was clear on the surface, but how the research study implementation was carried out in manner in which ethics came into question.

PerceptiveReaders · We Learned From A 20 Century Tuskegee Experiment

A Study Experiment Revisited Perceptive Readers

In this Perceptive Readers a Journalist Report is Discussed:

Bad Blood: The Hidden Horror of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study By Beth Colman August 10, 2020

You may want to search the four part series as well: The Lion Leader and Sage Part -Article Podcast
This journalism Tuskegee report is briefly referenced there as well; while an additional story mode example is used

PerceptiveReaders · A Study Experiment Revisited Perceptive Readers

Mature Humility In The Beautiful Sound Of Healing

“What is the difference in Mature and Mock Humility? Remember we talked about it in the “Position of Trust” Perceptive Readers Podcast. Let us talk a little more about it.

PerceptiveReaders · Mature Humility In The Beautiful Sound Of Healing

Dignity Quantum Source Poetry and Have a Great Day

Dignity Quantum Source
Collaboration: Raven Poetry and Sages Poetry Collection
Note Special Words (Lyrics) References in the article at the website
How Did God Bring Man To Life?
NIV, Genesis 2:7
Then the LORD [JEHOVAH] God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.
Brackets Placed By Poet James Lynch

Author Ideas Stream Like A River

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