Spirit in the Terms of Service Parts 1 and 2

Spirit in the Terms of Service

The Spirit in the Terms of Service in This is Perceptive Readers Podcast 4v episode

Understanding the Terms of Service Agreement in Twitter. This applies not only in Twitter’s case but this will help you to know how honest up front (clear) policys is important in all inquiries and transactions.

You are listening to the opening Parts 1 and 2 discussion on the subject of Understanding the Spirit of What is Written and Why?

Welcome Students in December 2019

Welcome Students to December

It was only yesterday, it feels like, I was welcoming students and teachers to September.

It is now December and on the 21st of this month, the season of winter starts. If some of you are still walking around with only your favorite cotton short sleeves t-shirt that states, “I’m an original,” at the bus stops, some of us may say to you in 30 degrees weather, does this mean you have to keep your original thoughts on ice because you are so cool?

Let me give you sometime to let that last statement sink in.

How about another second or two.

There you go.

Well, during this “season” there is a lot of gift giving. Whatever and whenever you give a gift, in principle, it should always be from the heart without feeling forced.

It is one thing to feel guilted into giving, it is quite another  to be compelled or motivated by love. The latter is the best option. Something we picked up from a “Good Book”

Be safe, Be Kind, and Be thankful always for loved ones. Best Wishes,  the Product of Culture website.

Social Media Pick Thursday – Whisper of the Heart

Social Media Pick Thursday – Whisper of the Heart

Happy Thursday Perceptive Readers.

It is a pleasure to share this item on friendship. In life we love and have lost love, yet a real friend is there forever.

Reflecting on “My Whisper of the Heart” experience with friendship.

“A Best friend is someone who loves you when you forget to love yourself.”


Have a pleasant Thursday. Thanks for caring and sharing. Be sure to check out the new pocbooks app as well – Kind regards

Perceptive Readers App and Sharing Discussion

We now have The POCBOOKS.COM App. We also discuss the gratitude of sharing and how it helps professionals and brands small and large! Check out the paraphrased quote shared in this special FYI of Perceptive Readers. Do you feel the same way of this one CEO (entrepreneur)?

Social Media Sharing Thursday Pick – Joel Clemons

Social Media Sharing Thursday Pick

Dear Perceptive Readers, welcome to Social Media Sharing Pick Thursday.

We need to be frank high-schoolers.
Did you just say, “I only need to be me, and who is Frank anyway?”

You know what, we are going to have you open for Sinbad, you keep that up.

Now where were the rest of us?
Ah, being frank about social media.

This is going to be short and sweet.
Social Media has always been designed for sharing — so share.

When the articles and events have a hyperlink with a featured image; that is supposed to be shared as well. What company, musician, singers, doctors, entrepreneurs, and models do not want to see their brand shared? Let’s place impetus on for years since the beginning, this is what technology and Social Media Sharing has been all about sharing and still is with online chats from time to time! It is used for customer service as well! What a great use of technology!

Yes untold numbers use it as designed above.

If you like (appreciate) it, then share it.
If the image appears with the link you share, then this all a part of the article title and link presentation.

If a company does not want you to share their images that automatically appears with the link, then on their websites they can turn such hot linking settings off. IMHO with a picture saying a thousand words, you will lose marketing value by doing that though.

Meanwhile, welcome to Social Media Sharing Thursday Pick. Place this in your notification calendars! This feature will run through November and December!

Instagram Sharing Joel Clemons

One of the biggest problems in relationships that will create unhappiness is the feeling of entitlement and ownership. A healthy relationship is based on cooperation, commitment, trust, equality and fairness; it’s about choosing each other as partners and being in service to the other, not demanding service.

Read the rest in Joel Clemons Instagram Social Media Post.
Joel Clemons Instagram- Featured in Social Media Sharing Thursdays

Coffee and Fun Conversation

Coffee and fun conversation what more could you ask for? Ah, to talk with your friend over a great cup of coffee. Please, let me not leave out the cocoa drinkers. It sometimes cause me to laugh inside, and outside, when coffee is mentioned here at the website, it places the desire in some of us to get a cup of coffee even though we are really cocoa drinkers and should probably stick to that; ha ha.

It is during the winter season people seem to enjoy coffee and cocoa the most. You most likely whole heartily agree with that statement. We can just smell the aroma now. “What is in that pot and kettle?”

Hey, during your last conversation with that friend 100; did he or she share any good tips? Or did they share baby pictures of their child with you? Did you find their cat or dog dressed in baby clothes funny but knew to just say “aw isn’t that cute”

Yes, the many things we talk about and see over a cup of coffee or hot cocoa.

Do you look forward to seeing a relative over these next 30 to 60 days you love more than even your dog or cat? Some of you had to pause for a moment; chuckle.

You love your relatives; yet they just haven’t seen what you and, say dog or cat name, been though together this past year!
Oh, don’t get you started because even your trusted companion will start telling barking or meowing their side of the story as well without the coffee or hot cocoa!

Whatever adventures you are planning on enjoying this winter season, be sure to have fun and practice safety. Chuckle, you really can do both you know.

Until next time, keep doing the best you can, and warm regards with a cup of coffee or cocoa in hand during this season.

Coffee and Fun Conversation at the Product of Culture website.

This may be a Coffee and Fun neat conversation on music

How about mentioning this to a friend who loves music

Jasmine Thompson Hashtag and Social Media Share! Hi, I have been a professional in the areas of blue and white collar occupations.

From warehouse, to writing and technology, my work and cultural experience is diverse.

Speaking of diverse, my taste in music includes genres that make you want to get up and dance; and when you want to chill, sooth your soul as well.

Therefore the reason for the Jasmine Thompson Group here on Minds.com.
Minds has music lovers from all over the world, but I very rarely see the hash tag or post used for #jasminethompson #JasmineThompsonFanpage #JasmineThompsonColour for Jasmine Thompson
However there are postings here for her!

This is a marvelous way to make you aware of the talented Jasmine Thompson I have followed for years.
I have also shared articles and music solely for Jasmine Thompson right here.

This is an open group. IMPORTANT NOTE: A) All postings must be connected to the subject by name.
B) Commentary is accepted; however, unprofessional slanderous accusations/statements will not be accepted here. (This is not censor it is topical) Keep to the music, events, and link postings from their website and social media.
**** Be aware the official fanclub for Jasmine Thompson **** Stefan’s ( Manager) moderator spot for this hashtag group is always open if he ever decides to come to minds.com

Helping Others and Elevated Thoughts

Perceptive Readers 4t  Helping Others and Elevated Thoughts

The first part opening comments on Social Work, Technical problems, and universal facts and principle

The Good Book references

An earthly story (with modest flare)

Seeing the Real Perceptive Readers 4s

Seeing The Real From The Confusing

When there is difficulty with understanding the spirit of what is being said or shown someone, keep the following discussion in mind.

Product of Culture Tech Update Now You Know

This is a new weekly tech update report on how Technologies are being used by the Product of Culture website aka pocbooks.com

I (James) will talk about social media, market venues like Amazon, Bluehost, and Audible audio books creation, and my experiences with using them over the years.

As I recently had an extended conversation with one technology professional, and I don’t make this claim lightly:

The pocbooks.com (Product of Culture tech update) has been singled out since it’s early online presence to be shadow banned along with my phone systems, computers etc. All having corporate episonage methods used against it.

What is corporate espionage?
Companies gather intelligence on their rivals just like nation-states do. Sometimes its legal, but industrial espionage can easily slip over the line into criminality.

After 9 years of this, it was time for you Readers to know this.

For example, see the screenshot of my new anchor.fm Perceptive Readers Podcast.

Notice the Minds.com shares responses, view, and comments. Yet my Anchor.fm stats have not shown one added listen.
The same has been with YouTube (which I’ve stopped trying to resolve) over the years.  So I want to make sure that the same thing does not start happening with anchor.fm, like my rss feeds (not being redirected) are working which I verified in the beginning of this new podcasting service over a week ago.

What am I doing about it?

Here you will see screenshots at times of my findings and the correspondence and phone calls sent to resolve these issues with the tech companies, starting with Bluehost.

Maybe this will help some of you as well.

Sincerely James (author/owner of pocbooks.com – Product of Culture Tech Update Now You Know)

From Ethics Matter to Your Mind Little One

Greetings everyone. I hope your mind has learned new things (ethics matter). With those new things, it is always hoped that we apply them to the best of our ability.

My Mind Ethics Matter to Your Mind Little One

Yes, there are moments when you wish certain things just aren’t so; and it does not mean you are ungrateful. Are you one of those persons who feel sadden by someone else suffering from injustice?
And you know it is partially because they do not know how to make a defense for themselves.

You little ones with your gentle heart just say a kind word or sing them a sweet song even and know that the ones who are babes (in understanding & awareness) to twisted machination or forked speech will be saved at times from it.

Ethics Matter

Quick Highschool Thought

Can you help someone today who you know will appreciate a kind word from you? The little things in life can play a big part of encouragement in someone’s day. I’m sure you appreciate this; now don’t you?

Keep measuring out good works while you have the energy; and use wisdom when you don’t. As the saying goes “Work smarter and not harder.”

Have a pleasant day in your heart and mind.

Very Warm Regards, J.L. Minds Location