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2020 Gratitude with an Equestrian Flair

Gratitude with an Equestrian Flair Back on December 30, 2011, after a year of writing books and blogging, I wrote an open thank you blog article to the ones who had been following me at that time. This is how the very first paragraph started: "Hello Everyone, Twitter & Facebook Contacts, No one likes to be taken for granted wouldn’t you agree? And with that being said, know that I than...
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How do You say Thank You

When and How do You say Thank you? If you ever wondered how different people say "Thank you," I just want to relate two for you here on the Product of Culture website. First I want to thank you Thank you, thank you, and one more time thank you (REFERENCE: Kristiana Alvarado's thank you to her special someone.) for visiting and sharing the website! I also appreciate the articles, intervie...
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