Read it For Yourself Part 1

Ethics, Using the Courts, and God Given Rights Commentary. How do you view these scenarios? Read it for yourself

Sunday Thought on Faith

Faith in Today’s World. The Encouragement to know it is much more than a dream; there is plenty of evidence we can consider for our benefit.

Sharing A History Spiritual Topic

Sharing a History Spiritual Topic Free.
In this Perceptive Readers, The Matrix is talked about and you will most likely see the connection to the spiritual matters. Keep in mind one key scripture talked about as well. You will be glad you know these fact.

Confidence in Your Humanity

We talked about keeping our humanity in times past, these are additional thoughts from the Good Book as well. Have a wonderful day.

Generation Appreciation and Hope

Does This Generation Have Appreciation and Hope?


Speaking True in Symbolism Video

Speaking True Even Symbolically. This is a discussion on the Good Book. Many are not aware of this subject that is serious but talks about True Freedom in Quality of Life as well as the outcome.

2021 March Spiritual Event

2021 March Spiritual Event.
Find out how important this event is for our times. Yes, You and I have a hope for many good things in freedom.
Note: Here is one of the Holy Bible verses I referenced. Ecc 8:15

A Mercy And Principle Result

Welcome to this Perceptive Readers Podcast Sunday Thought. We discuss an event pertaining to Mercy And Principle Results in a sincere heart that was dealt a bad hand of cards at the start

Jesus Healed and Did Good Anyway

Perceptive Readers Podcast Days of Spiritual Thoughts Special Part 5

Jesus Healed and Did Good Anyway

POCBOOKS Content Platforms
The Perceptive Readers Podcast is an intriguing feature in the Product of Culture website. For this podcast I use two platforms the site has in dispensing, serve if you will; its content creation. Of course, there are more; but I want to highlight these two in this pocbooks FYI.

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It is wonderful know you gain value from the podcast. Have a great day!

Time Millennials Please Never Forget This

Time Millennials Please Never Forget This. The Perceptive Readers Podcast with a Sunday Thought