Knowledge Levels—Perceptive Readers Week Part 4

Levels of Shining Light Knowledge-Perceptive Readers Week Part 4 Many persons who practice being guides of light readily acknowledge in modesty that they do not have an understanding of everything to attain the next level. Why do some of the very ones with years of awareness and vast knowledge give the ‘Good Book’ more than glancing view? Here are just a few thoughts shared with you as dignified humans. Reading Reference comes from the (NWT) Translation

This Weeks Perceptive Readers Article Pick

Against The Current Memory Legends



5 Levels The Lion The Leader and Sage Part 3

The Lion Leader and Sage Part 3
5 Levels of Leadership
Story telling with a purpose
Story telling with meaning
Story telling for your heart

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Mind is a Terrible Thing to waste-Soundcloud

Greetings, This article Notification needed to be restored. This will help you to understand just how bullies operate. But you can still stand firm and stand tall!

PerceptiveReaders · Mind is A terrible Thing to Waste

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Everlasting Song Taylor Davis Introspection Commentary

“Everlasting” By  Taylor Davis An Introspection Original. You will Enjoy this wonderful song, music video, and insightful introspection.

Over the years, if you are like me, there are certain things you learn as fact. It is not negotiable. You have confidence that in time even persons who authentically, or sincerely think you are wrong, will find out, “You were absolutely right.”


Position of Trust Help in Sanctuary

Have you listened to the ‘Beautiful Sound of Healing’ pocbooks series?

We now Elaborate/discuss what roles “Position of Trust” help in the Sanctuary. Kudos to all of you knowing how and helping others to heal with a “Cause no harm or additional hurt” frame of mind.


He Healed and Did Good Anyway

Perceptive Readers Podcast Days of Spiritual Thoughts Special Part 5

Jesus Healed and Did Good Anyway


Perceptive Readers Podcast Days of Spiritual Thoughts Special

Days of Spiritual Thoughts Special Introduction

Published on: April 05, 2020

People ask me at times personally what type of matters do I think about during a special week of being appreciative for what God does for us?