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Marketing Word of Mouth Part A

Perceptive Readers, Greetings.
As you may know, I have seen people experience the happiness of giving a gift.

Marketing Word of Mouth for Educational Purposes

In this 5 part series, we will cover marketing in the major ways it has been used to grow companies. From the small, to the large, you will appreciate why these individuals and board members picked the brand and product marketing techniques that turned out to be just right for them.

Special highlighted Instagram linked images are used for educational purposes and you will appreciate the style and flare as certain points are brought out.

In the year of 2021, part 2 of this will expound upon marketing and advertising. Yes, the all important “Word of Mouth,” which has been talked about before here on the Product of Culture website.

Social Sharing From People Loving Your Brand

In the heading below is a motivational example I’m using Against the Current’s, lead singer, Chrissy Costanza to drive the point home. The band has a large listenership, they have promoted creative fan art and other articles around the world which features them. RockSound, for one, is in partnership with Against The Current; however, it is obvious that they also appreciate their hot linked articles shared on Social Media and all who appreciate ATC, music.

This is just one of the reasons I featured Chrissy Costanza on this website for more than 4 years. Mostly, at 1 to 2 months intervals, I’ve placed the following image extentions in featured articles and commentary:


Note the selected example if you will on setting goals.

Motivation in Goals

The Desired Intent: Get people to start thinking about their goals, whether old or new.
The Display/Image: A Meditative Lion ( Chrissy’s favorite animal besides dogs) and Chrissy Costanza’s meditative stare softy touching her face. Common denominators match geometrically even to the direction they are looking upward or to the universe, if you will.

Here is the final product. Notice the attribution as well.

Do You Have Goals?

Contemplate what you want and need for the new year. Also are there changes in life that causes you to feel, I deserve better than this? Best wishes in your goals.

Picture Design Credit: pixabay lion and Chrissy Costanza (ATC lead Singer)

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Happy for the gift and giving one

Greetings, This page is made in connection with the Social Sharing Thursday Thoughts you have enjoyed for the past 2 years in the 4th quarter of the year.
Stay tuned for a link or or thought in the future!

When gifts are given freely, then the receiver and giver both benefit- Sage Poetic Notes

Did you enjoy the quote above? Do you have like minds who would enjoy this website? Caring is also sharing; have a great day!

What about the podcast above on:

Graduation with a Poetry Flare on Booknet.com Poetry for a special a Journey
You waited close to 2 decades for its completion. The GWPF 2 on Booknet.com will keep the memory of it for generations.


Sage Return Poetry Notes

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Premise the same, he has not changed, because he is not insane – Sage Return Poetry Notes

James Lynch

More Special Info for you

Let Poetry Me (Word of Mouth Shout Outs)

Which is it? One or Team Fruits Reward
There is a time to say thank you and there is a time to share. When you plant a garden, eating and drinking the fruit of your labor is a God Given gift! What about when others like a core circle and in general team efforts are involved?


Mind Discussion Hurting Others On Purpose

Mind Discussions Reference the Bitchute Perceptive Readers Week Part 2 Podcast above as well

Love Does Not Look For Loopholes to Hurt You. – Sage Poetry James Lynch

Perceptive Readers

Week April 17, 2020 – Is this love? See Sam H. post
Over the years, here on the pocbooks.com website, you will find important subjects on the importance of privacy and personal boundaries. We have also engaged in podcast discussions on the actions of people who ignore them. Even after you have stated many times they are truly causing you harm. Some of you readers will find this experience applicably interesting: 

Sam Heughan Says He’s “So Hurt” After “6 Years of Constant Bullying”


The Thinking Minds Section has been moved to the Coffee Lounge Section. Enjoy!

Yes Love Really Means This

Yes, Love Really Means This. Here is a Sunday Thought, if you will, with coffee. You know coffee has to be somewhere around. All the same Who provided an awesome explanation in the universal benefit of love.



Social Media Pick Thursday – Happiness (Originally posted Dec 5, 2019)

Happy Thursday Perceptive Readers.

This is a thought you will recall below for the motivation of Social Media Pick Thursday. Last week I was very much immersed in the technology side of matters for this website and podcast.

It is all needed; there happened to be a time for it.
Social Media Pick Thursday Happiness Poetry

So even though several neat items were posted throughout the day, there was not a post made here at the pocbooks website. Hence, I hope you will appreciate and share this special post today!

Happiness is not a place, nor a thing.

Happiness is all about people,

Those who love you.

Boldly, unconditionally.

Everything can be lost.

Perish with a blink of an eye.

One roll of a dice, and you lost it all.

But people who love you, will leave a mark on your heart.

They will always be there, somewhere.

You will know.

When you cast a look, upon the astonishing sky lightened with stars

Do glance at the moon too.

And know this,

Those stars, will be the same stars they looked at,

Same moon they adored.

And this, fearful moment you drown in, will be no more.

For you will feel them by your side.

They will remain, while everything else will be long gone. – N.C. Nat-poems.com

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Whisper of the Heart Thursday Sharing

Social Media Pick Thursday – Whisper of the Heart Originally Posted November 21, 2019

Happy Thursday Perceptive Readers.

It is a pleasure to share this item on friendship. In life we love and have lost love, yet a real friend is there forever.

Reflecting on “My Whisper of the Heart” experience with friendship.

“A Best friend is someone who loves you when you forget to love yourself.”



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Healthy Habits While Traveling 3 Quick Tips

This sharing informative tips and experience article is being restored from the archives. The original posting happened on December 4, 2017. Enjoy


The Mitch Fraker & Amy Schmittauer Presentation.
Are you a person who feels you should never take health for granted?
In order to enjoy all the food, toys, and travel expenses paid in the world, you know that cruise people love to take, we want to feel our best. Taking a few minutes, three minutes and forty-five seconds to be exact, to review these healthy habits while traveling tips will add value to your day.

More than 2000 people gained value from the linked video.

Mitch Fraker’s Experience

Mr. Mitch Fraker is a personal trainer and freelance model. He uses Social Media to promote his brand
Mitch on Instagram: http://instagram.com/mitchfraker

Amy Schmittauer’s (Landino) Experience

This quote from Jessamyn West, Social Media Marketing World, about Amy is one of my favorites.

“Amy is quite simply one of the most accomplished, professional and kind speakers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Because of her devotion to quality and a true passion for helping others, she has consistently delivered stellar presentations for Social Media Examiner, packed full of valuable knowledge and insight that is easy to follow and practical to implement. The feedback I have received from her peers and attendees alike has been glowing, both expressing that she is undoubtedly a presenter not to be missed. Her positive energy both online and in person is contagious and I very much look forward to working with her again.” – READ MORE

Amy has a new book! All that lake of experience is wrapped up in the made just for you, Vlog Like A Boss: http://vloglikeaboss.com


Social Sharing Shakira Sunday Special

Social Media Sharing Sunday Special! POSTED Sept 19, 2020

Shakira Perfumes presenta la versión más seductora de Dance, un perfume inspirado en uno de sus movimientos más característicos. Es medianoche, el momento perfecto para desinhibirse, bailar y desatar todas las pasiones. Prepárate para descubrir Dance Midnight. Descubre más: https://www.shakiraperfumes.com/#ShakiraDanceMidnight#ShakiraPerfumes

Special Sharing: What We Know Since Time

From the Dawn of Time men

men have used their mental and physical prowess to cultivate land. Your intellect grew along with feats of strength.
As a compliment, side by side with man’s greatness was equally one named woman, whose family line and nations would also be birth.

He matured in wisdom to cultivate the land and navigate the seas’ cosmos— Intuitively she also possesses the delicate touch of both.

Shakira’s Dance Midnight Fragrance

‘The One of Kind Fragrance for The Sages Woman– Dance Midnight’

Great as a gift anytime to the woman who stimulates your Whole Mind.

This moment of time, you have a beautifully scented way of expressing over an evening meal or anytime what she truly means to you.

DANCE MIDNIGHT the new perfume by SHAKIRA (20″)

Shakira’s Knowledge of Note

Shakira is known on the world’s stage for being a singer, songwriter, dance choreographer, and entrepreneur. She has been recognized with esteem by her musician peers. Shakira’s love and desire to help financially poor children moved her to bring a dream of hers into reality. She saw children living in poverty missing out on receiving a quality education. When the opportunity materialized through hard work, she founded the Barefoot Foundation (Pies Descalzos Foundation) with this mission:

“The Barefoot Foundation works to ensure that every Colombian child can exercise their right to a quality education. Our model targets displaced and vulnerable communities by addressing their unique needs.”

Poetry Time: She Walks With Confidence

She walks with confidence and no man has to wonder why
She radiates beauty and intuitive women grasp the natural appeal
Children flock to her presence because they know she has her own
The confidence does not mean her days are without trials that produce the sad emotion of making her cry
The beauty is charged by being more than skin deep where the heart says I want to know God’s Will
The presence of her is a nurturer because she was nurtured The man and children who possess her are happy to say she is bone of my bone
Who is this person of all these things? It is Mom

Social Media Sharing

“Do you remember us doing this last year in November?

Well, instead of Social Media Sharing happening in November this year, how about looking forward to starting today?

I post a video and Instagram link of a poet, artist, professional, graduating students, and yes, a paragraph or two why this video or instagram caught my attention.”

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Caring is sharing. Have a beautiful day in your heart and mind.